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Why NOT supporting freelancers who cares about you? you say how do you know? I tell you how, it is by things you get.. you get no risk, absolutely no risk by working with me. as you are not required to pay unless you are satisfied. so what can lose? time? I like deadlines. it makes me active, and reminds of the examinations and all that nice days in the college!! Also, if you need data entry, I can do very good job, since i can write really fast, without the need to look at the keyboard and even at the screen!! I feel the keyboard, for me like moving my fingers, or closing my eyes, it is just like that. Abilities: ----------- What makes you choose me as freelancer is that my first priority that I think of is making your scipts and site workable and that you are satisfied with the final version. I do not want you to pay for something you do not satisfy with. that is why I do NOT require full payment for unusable or site with unsatisfaction. at the same time I respect your business and your time. Quality ------- Quality of the work is not just your concern. it is my concern. as I want to build up a good reputation. if I do not make good working site/script I ll feel the damaging more than you do. therefore it is my priortity. Example of my work ------------------ my website below: [login to view URL] I designed, coded, scripted and directed all parts of it. except external links. you can see some exampels of my work by browsing the site and signing up. you can use this username drivetestsite password: drivetestsite History: -------- I m not new to programming, I became aware of computer programming as soon as I was aware of life. the thrist for computer in general since I was 6 years old. but of course started my programming journey at age of 10 to 11. back there i worked on small PCs like ZX spectrum and MSX. I made several interesting basic games in basic language then in Machine code of Z80 when I was 13 years old. I have been in cut with computer for 5 years after that but back when I was 18. I tried to support my knowledge on different programming languages like Borland C++, Visual Basic, and recently working on Java. however, my up for commercial use are web programming most precisely PHP, Javascript & AJAX techniques, MySQL, html, xml, xslt. I can really do great jobs at these, since my programming background is solid. I m trying to work in the computer field despite my recent business in studying law. I m now establishing myself in the field I like, that is the computer programming. and I wish to do well, so I can procede with more strong programming languages like Java, Visual c++.

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