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With AES encryption, this app can guard and act as a vault for your information, pictures, video and apps. This App has four types of functionalities: 1. Passwords Locker: User can create password category and custom fields. User can store his information here 2. Picture Locker: User can add picture to vault and view them. 3. Video Locker: User can add video to vault and view them. 4. Apps Lock: User can lock apps 5. Call Block: 6. Spy Recording

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I am a passionate engineer with primary focus on computer vision, image processing, machine learning, data science, software engineering. For more details: [login to view URL] 1. I have finished MSc in AI from UAB , Spain. I have internship as research engineer in computer vision in Spain. 2. Technical Skills: Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, OpenCV, C++, CUDA, QT, RFID, LInux Programming. The My github is [login to view URL] 3. Research Skills: Deep Learning, Object Detection, Image Processing 4. I have worked as a full-time software developer in Hamburg, Germany. I have also worked in Velometric Inc in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 5. I am a Zend Certified PHP Engineer. My software development skill includes mainly PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Android, Javascript, IOS and many more. I am looking forward to doing some excellent research and engineering projects together.

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