Internal Strategic Environment Analysis

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Internal Strategic Environment Analysis

Assessing a firm's internal strategic environment aspects (i.e, all marketing, production, and financial aspects). - 18 Financial Ratios - 7 Marketing Ratios - 4 Production & Operation Ratios > Cross-sectional analysis to benchmark the firm's performance with competitor > time-series analysis to benchmark the firm's performance against the competitor over time. > Identifying the firm's areas of strengths and weaknesses.

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Services I am offering: FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: - Ratio analysis - Cash Flow analysis - Du-pont analysis - Common-size statement analysis (Horizontal & Vertical Analysis) - Depreciation analysis - Leased Asset analysis - Analysis on Off-balance sheet financing - Bad-debt analysis - Strategy Analysis; compared to industry - Forecasting; including future projection of share price in sustainable/optimistic/pessimistic condition - Proforma Balance Sheet & Income Statement with different plug variable - Calculation of Sustainable growth rate - Break Even Analysis (Accounting & NPV based) - Z-score Bankruptcy Model (Altman) - Optimal Capital Structure/WACC Method OPERATION MANAGEMENT MS Project - CPM (Critical Path Method) - Gantt Chart - Cost Allocation - Linear Programming > Optimum Solution (Graphical Method & Simplex Method) * Profit Maximization * Cost Minimization MANAGEMENT THEORIES: - Motivation - Porter's five forces - SWOT analysis - de Bono's Six Thinking Hats DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION - Regression Analysis - Correlation - Forecasting - MS Excel 2007 > PIVOT table > Logic Functions(IF, NESTED IF, AND, OR, NOT) > ARRAY FUNCTIONS > Reference Function (VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP) > Data Validation > Remove Duplication > Regression Analysis > Financial Functions > What-if Analysis (Scenario, goal seek) > Operation management with Solver Tool I also have experience in Research Writing on Management & Financial topic, Business Plan and Garments business strategy consulting.

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