writing a list of strings into excel

por niculescu02

COleVariant VOptional((long)DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND, VT_ERROR); _Application objApp; _Workbook objBook; Workbooks objBooks; Worksheets objSheets; _Worksheet objSheet; Range range; if(!UpdateData(TRUE)) { return; } // Instantiate Excel and start a new workbook. objApp.CreateDispatch("Excel.Application"); objBooks = objApp.GetWorkbooks(); objBook = objBooks.Add(VOptional); objSheets = objBook.GetWorksheets(); objSheet = objSheets.GetItem(COleVariant((short)1)); int m_iNumRows=40000,m_iNumCols=100; bool m_bFillWithStrings=TRUE; //Get the range where the starting cell has the address //m_sStartingCell and it's dimensions are m_iNumRows x m_iNumCols. range = objSheet.GetRange(COleVariant("A1"), COleVariant("B1000001")); range = range.GetResize(COleVariant((LONG)m_

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