Gnet Origins - My Lab for over 15 yrs - config/verification

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Gnet Origins - My Lab for over 15 yrs - config/verification

For many years I have tested and studied unix/linux/cisco in my lab. I loved my lab but now it's been replaced by my laptop. I do not buy hardware anymore, for that is why virtualization exists. Now I can pretend if you will I have a huge server, with all the bells and whistles, runing any OS I like to use, Freebsd, Suse, Redhat/Centos, Debian/Ubuntu, Slackware, Solaris, Cisco IOS, it's all open and free using my Linux Laptop and one virtual program. I have over 14 OS currently operational, networked, and config'd for various testing, so if a customer wishes to have such and such OS and a such and such service(s) configured, I have it already done at the base, and tailor it to the customer in a briefer period of time. Also, rather than test configs on a production server, and make an image of current system, and test it on my laptop ;) nifty eh?

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I work well with other techies, I am competent, confident, and work daily with Unix/Linux/Cisco. You can contact me anytime, days/night, and I will safe you a shyt load of money with FREE Software, and Open Source Solutions(some restrictions apply). you can browse here for more details: [login to view URL]

$45 USD/h