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Pixel Sprites

pixel art sprites I created from a reference image of ships in Star Trek: Voyager to use in a student flash game project. frames would be shown depending on which button the player pressed; in this case the left or right arrow keys. A power up activated the top row armored version sprites. These I designed myself referencing a similar style that was shown on a different ship (Admiral Janeway's shuttlecraft in the Star Trek: Voyager series finale)

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I'm 6 months from earning my Bachelor's Degree in Game Design and I am looking to showcase my skills and gain work experience to better prepare myself for a professional career. I'm primarily an artist (both 2d and 3d) though I do have an understanding of actionscript 3 using .as classes, and I can animate in 2d and 3d you can view my current online portfolio at [login to view URL]

$15 USD/h