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Transcription: It is completely virtual. If you see pictures of the New York Stock Exchange on TV, there's a bunch of people running around on the floor and there's papers all over the place, and it's chaos, right? Forex Market - they don't have any of that. It's all done by computer, so there is no floor. The good news is that all those people down there on the floor at the Stock Exchange, they all have to get paid, right? And when you're trading in the market, guess who pays them. You do! That comes out of the commissions that you pay when you buy and you sell. In the Forex Market we pay a spread when we buy, but we have no commissions that you have to pay. So for small investors like us, it can actually be more advantageous, and cheaper in the long run. And it also has some features that no market on earth can match, and that's one of the really exciting parts about the Forex market, we're going to talk a little

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I am a keen and efficient college student with a firm grasp of the English language. I strongly believe that my experience in transcriptions, content writing and translations can be an important asset to any employer.

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