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Freelance programmer, web developer, IT specialist. Look at: http://www.roberturb.com IBM mainframe computers system programmer VB programmer for 'Cambridge Back Office' WEB developer USA 'USA Notebooks' 'KONZOL' computer LTD HUNGARY WEB pages for Hungarian companies like: 'Humanity', 'Femesfa', 'Austrofa', 'Erogep', 'Hay management' Database applications from scratch in VB Access and dBase Visual FoxPro like: inventory management, invoice handlers, booking programs. 'KANDO' institute of Computer Technology HU object-oriented design, programming and implementation in industrial R & D projects: MOM, VIDEOTON, H. Meteorology, H. Army, H. Water Management, etc...

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I am a computer specialist with more then 30 years of experience and a degree from a respected university. Over the years I have perfected my programming skill-set intermixing and creating some of the most advanced but simple to understand scripts. Through the years I created over 100+ programs and dozens of high-end websites.

$10 USD/h