Java Desktop Program

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Java Desktop Program

I have a image of a Java program I created which uses the jna jar file, that is used to get all of the windows that are open on a computer including windows for MS, and anything you have open as well. This program uses a server with threads. All you have to do is load a IP and hit connect and then click on get Window List and all windows open will appear in the center. You are able to close any or all windows, all you need to do is load the server file on any computer. This program was created as a joke within my software programming labs while I was going to school, and let me say this, the teacher was getting upset when I kept closing his windows on his computer. You are also able to send a message to the computer you have loaded in your program and when a person goes to click the "X" or the "OK" button, the message box moves on the X and Y axis faster and faster. I did have some fun with this program I created myself and I did turn it in as my fi

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