Shatter & Attack, True Anarchy

por Styn
Shatter & Attack, True Anarchy

When I was listening to some music, I found to new Dubstep artists: Ty Gaugenberg and Mark Pestrana. They had created enough music for an Album but there were still a few things missing. They asked me if I could help them with making an Album cover and coming up with an artist, and album name. I immediately went to work and a few hours later I had come up with the artist name: 'Shatter & Attack' with the Album name 'True Anarchy' including this Album cover.

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Hi, my name is Stijn and I'm a professional graphical designer. I'm specialized in making album covers, website banners and ads and other picture related material. I live in Amsterdam, were I have a team behind me supporting my work. I have all the professional photo/picture editing software to make artistic pieces. Maybe my way of creating art suits your own style!