What makes a Man?

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What makes a Man?

WHAT MAKES A MAN? In time to come every man will be a master of applied mechanical art with labour application and contrivance. Thandyscology is the thandistic study of man, his positive impact in the society and relativism. Man is the creator of his own happenings or misery The most common mistake we make is looking outside for what we should find inside of us. As a man, the best way to make history is to allow others benefit from your gift Man knows not his way until he faces the trials and challenges of life (without trails there will be no triumph) The ultimate measure of a man is not when he finds himself in a moment of comfort and convenience but when stands at the time challenges and controversy. Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought I am a man, that's not a valid answer, but your responsibility tell better The man who inherits his father's widow does not know that wife is costly! Try to build your own empire and le

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THANDY is a destined genius gifted to his generation. THANDY D GREAT as he is fondly called by his peers is a youth full of aspirations and integrity. Zealous for the things of God, cares for his generation; feels insatiate with the notorious and social vices in the world. He has the acumen to impact his generation for good and new turn. He his a member of Assemblies of God Church World-wide, De African Arians, Co-editor of Talent Hunt Magazine, Oasis of Wisdom and Excellence (OWE), Precise Foundation, The President of De Heroes Production, An Instructor in Cyndicom Computer Ventures, a leading Computer Institute. A practicing Public Administrator in making. He has the gift of public speaking and motivation. A guru B-) in web creation and publication etc... THANDY D GREAT PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE (1) The world has many people but few people are in the world (2) The man who said no to sin, cheat, deceit,manipulation, wickedness, hatred, jealousy and pride, has said yes to greatness. (3) Life has no joy in it without fulfillment (4) History will only remember those that remembered it (5) The best way to make history is to read history (6) The world only knows those who has the word in them (7) Any gift in you that is not recognized is not celebrated and if it is not celebrated it is not recognized and if it is not recognized it is not rewarded and if it is not rewarded it does not exist in you. (8) Procrastination is the murder of destination. Take action always and leave talking alone (9) You may not have credentials but you have abundant potentials (10) One unsuccessful attempt to success is an attempt to success (11) Youthful period is the time to make manful period effective and worth living. strive harder than you think you are

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