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We like to regard Speeksy as a really fun secret that you can tell ALL your friends about. (because let's face it- you can't really keep a secret). We're all about re-inventing the social wheels of progress and keeping them a turning- so we've created a place for you to hang out all within the confines of your comfy Facebook account. It's like going to a party, but with your bootie still planted firmly on the couch. Now that's progress. Select a Live Social Venue Reserve a spot or create your very own real time get-together (otherwise, known as 'Live Social Venues'). Then invite a bunch of your homies to join you. Expand your circle Discover friends of friends and reveal the interests you have in common. We show you the degrees of separation between you and the friends you never knew you had! Not convincing enough? Take a closer look at peeps and see if you have any interests in common- you know what they say ab

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Expert in performing Functional, Unit, Integration, System, Cross Browser, White box, Black box, Gray box, Smoke, Usability, Load and Performance Testing

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