Phone Data Erasing Website

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Phone Data Erasing Website

This website will be used for introducing and managing erasing phone data of stations produced by Greystone company, issuing credits for their customer include CWG, T-Mobile, Recelular,...

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Server Language: - PHP (10 years Experience): + Understanding deeply PHP core, [login to view URL] file, [login to view URL] Apache server config file, .htaccess file. + PHP4/PHP 5.1/PHP 5.2/PHP5.3 + MVC with PHP + OOP with PHP 5 + Framework: Zend, Smarty,... + Expert of Zend Studio for Eclipse for building/editing PHP code. Client Language: - JavaScript + DOM + AJAX (DOM/Jquery/YUI) + Framework: Jquery, Prototype, Moo Tools + Debug JS code quickly by using Firebug/Chrome Dev Tool fluently. - CSS/CSS3 + Quickly style layout with W3C standards. + Quickly modify site style rely on large CSS library. - HTML/XHTML: + Layout using DIV/Table or convert to other quickly, always keep W3C standards in layout. + Expert of Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Database: - MySQL (MySIAM/InnoDB) - Microsoft SQL Server - Relational DB model by 3NF standard OR 2NF standard to speed up and optimize query accessing. Data Transformation: - XML-RPC / XML / XLS / XSLT - JSON/BSON - Encript/Decript (RSA) - HTTPS - Web Services Graphic Design: - Adobe Photoshop CS5. - Slicing PSD, convert to HTML layout most of using DIV tag. - Always looking for the best sites currently for references to have a better viewer and decrease development time. Experience Skills: - Make plan quickly, working always rely on Microsoft Project to solve problem with the shortest time but quality. - Working pressure is not my problem. - Always with spirit: Your satisfaction is my SUCCESS.

$8 USD/h