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System in laravel with a lot of integrations - Wordpress/Woocommerce: List all orders in store, and products; - Mailchimp: Register all users in lists of Mailchimp; - E-mail: Use SES of Amazon AWS to send email to clients, and to alert of new events; - Backup: Routines of backup daily and monthly stored in S3 of AWS; - Metronic/Bootstrap: All template functional to change template; - API: A lot of API to integrate in site, other system, and other companies; - Shipstation: integrate delivery of orders, and items sent by support. - Users Role: Each user with different group and roles, with different access; - Log: All actions are logged. - Server: Linux server with Nginx, apache, php-fpm all configured in ec2 of AWS - Database: Mariadb using RDS of AWS

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Web Development, Linux servers and webmaster. All in a little time.

$10 Dólares/hora

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