Fuzzy Control of Non-Linear Process using LabVIEW

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Fuzzy Control of Non-Linear Process using LabVIEW
Fuzzy Control of Non-Linear Process using LabVIEW

Many common process control problems exhibit nonlinear behaviour, in that the relationship between the controlled and manipulated variables depends on the operating conditions. Important industrial processes such as high purity distillation columns, highly exothermic chemical reactions, pH neutralizations, and batch systems can exhibit highly nonlinear behaviour. These processes may be required to operate over a wide range of conditions due to large process upsets or set point changes. When conventional PID controllers are used to control highly nonlinear processes, the controllers must be tuned very conservatively in order to provide stable behaviour over the entire range of operating conditions. But conservative controller tuning can result in serious degradation of control system performance. In view of the shortcomings of linear controllers for highly nonlinear processes we developed a fuzzy based controller for a nonlinear process. Fuzzy logic is a method of rule-based decision

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I am NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer and have worked in many LabVIEW based projects and have good exposure to programming and debugging techniques. I have worked in embedded based projects and process control related projects gaining better understanding of core subjects and at the same time improving problem solving and troubleshooting skills under real-time situations. I have great interest in the field of automation and process control. I am very good at designing Fuzzy logic based control systems.

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