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Your Favourite Italian

The brief from Zizzi was - "We want 'hit-you-between-the-eyes-messaging". Zizzi had recently won an award voted for by customers; the most powerful judging panel. So we wanted to get across this bold message proudly but not arrogantly with an element of surprise. As a result the poster was put forward for big tube ads (launched 28th May - 10th June 2012) in the major London stations including Kings Cross, Liverpool Street and Waterloo. (Design by Tobias Hall)

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Hello there. God gave Federer a racket, Freddie Mercury a microphone and Mr Kipling an exceedingly good cake recipe book. I was given a dictionary. So I'm a copywriter. And words are important to me. In fact they are everything. It's what allows me to keep my Landlord happy, my belly full and my hair nice and shiny. In other words it's how I make my living. So now I want to share my word bank with you. Mum always said sharing was nice. I also know that words are important to you. I'm assuming that's why you're reading this. So my portfolio shows off a few examples of my previous projects. These include work for Availl (a small local Care Agency) who asked me to write their value and mission statements along with all website, brochure and newsletter copy. And Zizzi (one of the UK's largest restaurant chains) who wanted me to write their blog posts, e-newsletter copy, social media updates, posters and adverts. Essentially their chief copywriter. I hope you like what you read. I really really really do. Ps. Please don't steal any of my work...or I'll be angry and kick a table leg...really hard

$15 USD/h