Relationship between Science, Art and Religion

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This attached document is an academic essay on the relationship between Science, Art & Religion throughout History. That is, Religion has been classified into the categories of Western religion (Islam & Christianity) and Eastern religion (Hinduism), whereas timeline has been divided into pre-medieval (1500 BC- 700 AD), medieval (700 AD- 1300 AD) and post-medieval era (1300- 1800). This analytical framework incorporates the notion of integration- that is, the integration of Hinduism with science and art in the pre-medieval time and the integration of Islam and Christianity with science and art in the medieval and post-medieval period. Hence, this idea will culminate into the basic claim of the amalgamation of religion, art and science. Proceedingly, causes and consequences of the rift between religion science and art would be discussed, analyzing how the three phenomenons have shaped the world as we see around us today.

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