Kruno's Violin Shop (Interactive Freelance)

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Kruno's Violin Shop (Interactive Freelance)

Kruno's Violin Shop > was my first freelance interactive challenge. Kruno Kupresanin is an Amarillo, Texas luthier (maker of stringed instruments). Famous mentors of this craft are tremendous brand assets. Kruno is fortunate to have several renowned mentors, which helps his Amarillo shop offline. However, his local reputation is also widely judged by online presence. Kruno needed his brand presented in a more compelling manner to create awareness and traffic. I rebuilt the site in design, development, and photography for the stunning and appealing visuals throughout the site. Development utilized HTML and PHP. A user-friendly experience - backed by analytics and supplemented by social media - has raised Kruno's Violin Shop's image and profile. The solution rested in showcasing the impressive craftsmanship of Kruno. Now the site is now a top performer in organic search on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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Recent Univ. of the Ozarks (AR) graduate in Marketing + Strategic Communication. I connect relationships and ideas through smart action. Skills and experience include but not limited to: design, development, online search marketing, social media.

$10 USD/h