Automated limit order trading algorithmic applications for N

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Automated limit order trading algorithmic applications for NASDAQ and NYSE markets

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I have worked on a wide range of projects: order execution management, trading strategies, market connectivity using various APIs like Interactive Brokers, Order2Go and anvil API, Genesis, ForexConnect, Bloomberg Open API, OpenQuant, NinjaTrader, Metatrader, Tradelink, market data distribution, trading front-ends, multi-threaded network application development. I also have experience of working on AI applications like Neural Networks and SVM implementation for stock share forecasting , face detection, speech recognition and character recognition. - 5 years of experience in leading small sized development teams - Strong programming skills in C/C++ (6+ years of experien ce) - Knowledge and use of the FIX protocols - Good knowledge of server side PHP scripting as well as client side web technologies - Experience in using extreme programming tools - Strong OOA & OOD skills, good knowledge of UML, the refactoring process, and the use of design patterns, metamodels and meta object protocols - Experience in writing compilers - Other known/used tools and technologies: Matlab, C#, STL, OpenCV, Pittpatt SDK, Luxand SDK

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