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    ... the initial state, the goal state, the successor function, and the cost function. Consider the heuristic function h0(n) described below. Let h0(n) be the Manhattan distance between the location of the upper-left corner of the 2x2 piece in the starting configuration of the puzzle and the location of the upper-left corner of the 2x2 piece in any

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    I have a webpage where I can upload a GPX file. I need a PHP script that: 1) calculates the positive/upwards difference in elevation between all points - summarizing each elevation gain between two trackpoimts. 2) calculates the negative/downwards difference in elevation between all points - summarizing each elevation drop between two trackpoimts. 3) removes anything from the GPX file which is not...

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    MATLAB code to calculate Per unit length and both far and near field crosstalk and comparing results with graph plots of Pspiece.

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    1 ofertas not looking for a high frequency trading bot. I need a trading bot that can detect when a price of a certain stock comes into an area of a pivot point and is a certain distance form VWAP. I need it to integrate with Interactive Brokers and use their API for data and order entry. It can be programmed in anything, I would prefer C# but will consider

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    I need a tool that would allow to measure angles on the horizontal axis in a 360 video player. Simple angle around the point of view. I want to be able to select a first point, then a second point (even at a later part of the video) and see the angle between the two selected points.

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    ...drop function) on the website interface in order to enter data (upload, drag and drop) related to his business (ie balance sheet, income statement) which would automatically calculate certain ratios or aggregates ( NWC…) - B) The responses filled in by the user and the data filled in (either by excel upload or manually on the interface) feed a model onto

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    ...functions: EA-equivalence, CCZ-equivalence, cyclotomic equivalence. Coding theory Messages, codewords, control bits. Linear codes and their parameters (length, dimension, minimum distance). Systematic codes. Generator and parity-check matrix of a linear code. Errorcorrecting capabilities of a linear code. Cyclic codes. can send example questions if you want

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    ...UserID, Products Purchased in the transaction, Overall Cart Value). Based on this data you are required to build features and model on these characteristics of users to calculate a score/rank for conversion probability of that user. These scores will eventually decide the bidding logic used for each user. I want a detailed explanation & python file

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    ...profile o The consumer identifies a legal issue o The consumer identifies whether the issue is current (urgent) or future o Consumer identifies budget • Location Tracker / Distance o Consumers will see providers who identify as providing services in that geographic area. They should see the number of miles they are away from the provider and vice versa

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    Develop a native Android application using stereo cameras to recognize objects and approximate their distance. An initial list of objects that need to be recognized is limited to Golf Course Attributes. See attached document - Golf Course Attributes. In the settings section the user will need to be able to turn on or off each individual attribute.

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    ...fulfill these 2 requirements for analysis and showing the results: 1. Create a backtesting wrapper that allows us to define a series of long options investment batches and calculate & plot their cumulative returns and dollar growth from very first date of entry to very last date of exit of the entire series (inclusive of all the investments) based on:

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    Make a machine learning model that can detect the velocity of the object in videos on two different points when the distance is given. For e.g. Speed of penalty kick in Football.

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    ...And success percentages will calculate with this way on the dashboard and on the inticator.. B. New Signal to Opposite New Signal Trade The indicator will trade with New Signal to Opposite New Signal.. Also the indicator will ignore all the new signals between these 2 signals periods. And success percentages will calculate with this way on the dashboard

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    ...size 25 mm to 40 mm thus movement of tool cutter vertically downwards is a problem and thus many fruits passed through the cutter without cut. Mechanism required: 1. To calculate the size (height) of fruit while on conveyor belt. 2. A mechanism to make movement of cutter vertically downwards (according to the height of fruit) when fruit is below the

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    ...will be paid 10000 INR) c) Rate per sq. ft. (Eg, rate per sq ft is INR 25, and project size is 1000 sq. Ft, I will be paid INR 25000) These three need to be three options to calculate the subtotal in an invoice on Zoho books. The items marked in bold would be inputs from user. ————————————— Problem Statement 2:...

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    Web to print 5 dias left

    ...template and will place the order after final review That order will be received to Super Admin Print Vendors will be attached with specific categories products and based on the distance calculation of the shipping address, the print vendors will receive alert for the new order From their own dashboard, they will accept the order and will get it printed The

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    I need a couple things actually but most important is I need mautic to be able to calculate totals from form inputs I also would like questions based on decisions within forms

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    I need a structural engineer to calculate what sort of a frames we need on our roof. local to Coventry, England area.

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    Scaffolding Visualization 3D 5 dias left

    Hello all, I need a visualization of a scaffolding in 3d either through CAD or ...dwg and shx data which I will provid you - you will see curly balcony and walls - no scaffolding on the balcony !!! - other impornant requiremens will be given to you (like distance etc) once I am sure you can do the project. You should read the requirements !

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    I need a mobile app design with key features to give my users the upper hand against other players with the following features: instant skill cool down skill distance hit box expansion currency manipulation automation of dailys tasks automation of deleting items defined by users farming/kill specific mob other features to be determined

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    ...whenever the car broke down, it will geo localize call the available vehicle within a country, I need something like UBER apps, where you pay for your service depends on the distance. Select your required service - tow, flat tire, out of gas, dead battery, locked keys in the car, or stuck in a ditch. Order roadside assistance service within a few clicks

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    Hi there, We need to create a plugin to calculate how many boxes are needed for shipping. The plugin should implement a box (meta) in every product to set the number of spaces on the box consumed. So, for example, if the space in the box is 6 and the product 1 consumes 2 spaces and the product 2 consumes 5 spaces, we will need 2 boxes. The boxes

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    Build Wordpress Theme 5 dias left

    Hello, we will soon have a new design for our ...7 pages (including Shop and Blog-Page). Some functionalities of our current website have to be taken into consideration, such as our own ordering plugin (order products by distance), favorite product list, and api connect to our app (we use ciyashop theme atm). All the plugins have to remain functional.

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    my team is working on adding a distance measuring elements to an electronic device. i need a firmware that reads rssi and calculate the distance using some algorithmic to filter noise.

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    ...which roll up based on the % complete, so showing the value of work done. I beleive it is possible to add fixed costs for labour, materials, plant etc. and to have Project calculate the cost of each task for each element i.e roll up cost of labour, materials etc. and roll up value of work done. We want to use this for predicting cashflow, both costs and

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Python. It will connect to stock API to fetch prices and it will calculate chande Momentum oscillator value and display results on frontend sorted in table high to low.

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    ...also include Campaign tracking to: +Campaign Tracking Track posts and stories Live post notifications Engagement fraud-check White-labeled reports Share campaign report Calculate campaign KPIs Easy campaign setup +++Requirements+++ = You will not be starting from scratch, I already acquired a script = Everything must be professionally done = Homepage

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    ...of road defects based on distance (length from start or chainage) for different years. The x-axis is distance and y-axis is the year and status. Then data is colourized based on defect type. Length of the bar shows how long the defect is. In Tableau this has been using Gantt chart where the x-axis is converted to distance instead of date. In Power

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    18 ofertas disable the beep if needed. Also it will be possible to use the unit battery operated so a charging setup and discharge rate is needed, I may need to provide a way to calculate based in consumption or similar, with room for small to extra large batteries that can last up to 48 hours without recharge, this can be a different setup as in units without

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    ...method - Stripe needs to validate the CC details - Stripe needs to send emails for expiring/expired CC - User should be able to change between plans anytime and Stripe should calculate based on metered usage - Total amount to be paid is based on number of users - Send invoice emails - Admin features to change CC details, apply coupons and extend trial

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    ...description in ENGLISH. Paste English description into DESCRIPTION EN column on stock sheet Enter MAX buying price in Polish currency in MAX Supply Price PLN column – formula will calculate in GBP Prepare STANDARD POSTAGE cost. Product which is below 100ml or grams, flat product or small bottle enter postage price 0.94, anything else e.g. thick pack, more than

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    ...turned on at the moment and eventually to send me an instant notification when the led light is changing. 1. The leds power source is between 12 and 14 Volts and the medium distance between the bluetooth device and my phone/tablet No.1 is between 3 and 6 meters. My tablet/phone No.1 is always connected to the internet and is always in the same place.

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    Wafferly app and web 4 dias left

    ...see the list of restaurants with rates, reviews, discount etc, also how far is the restaurant from the customer and how much will the service charge to deliver (based on the distance, the far the customer, the higher the cost) , the rest is normal as any other app. The second icon (feature) is the supermarkets, the customer will be able to buy groceries

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    Restaurant App 4 dias left

    ...C/ Swift 100 % native app built from scratch with full source code. Backend code is developed in PHP 5.6 DB is MySQL + Mongo DB 3.2 web service is written in PHP use the distance matrix for map Pubnub would be used real-time tracking Notification APNS and FCM Twillio for mobile verification Swift for apple development Java for Android development 

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    Python Code for Text Analysis 4 dias left

    In this job, we are creating a code to calculate a set of text analysis metrics for patents. The code should be written in python, have comments allowing for easy understanding and be written efficiently. The number of observations can be up to 284.934 and the text to be analyze can contain up to 600 characters. More information can be found on the

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    French Voice Record 4 dias left
    VERIFICADO -About 100 MB free storage is needed - files are automatically saved in the device. -The recording environment must be quiet (in house, not outside) and keep a 20 cm distance from the phone during the recording. -Leave 1 second/silence pause before and after you speak (to avoid incomplete sentence) -If there are obvious errors in the sentences

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    Calculate total hours, non-business hours and net business hours(second) between two date/time stamps. Taking into account weekends. Start time and end time can be outside business hours, ignore times outside business hours when calculating net hours.

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    Holistic healing Reiki Tarot readings Pastlife regression therapy Counselling Distance healing Attunements

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    Excel work 4 dias left

    calculate some figures in Excel

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    I need fix python files 4 dias left
    VERIFICADO the time if condition false will not insert must data insert only one time in a day 2. I need the third file to calculate and update all in covid_backup like that : 2. calculate and update data to this 6 colmns new_..... like that: new_cases = total_cases (today) - total_cases (day before) new_..... =

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    I need to fix python files and calculate some columns in sql, explain with teamveiw.

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    I need to fix python files and calculate some columns in sql, explain with teamveiw.

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    I need to fix python file and calculate some columns in sql...

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    ...products where is possible local delivery by delivery boy) and from defined cities (it may be one city, two, three or more or less); – Insert city/zip code checker in order to calculate estimated delivery time and date; – If city/zip code checker is equal to zip code/city where is allowed a local delivery, on product page mast shown next time slot table

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    ...products where is possible local delivery by delivery boy) and from defined cities (it may be one city, two, three or more or less); – Insert city/zip code checker in order to calculate estimated delivery time and date; – If city/zip code checker is equal to zip code/city where is allowed a local delivery, on product page mast shown next time slot table

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    ...the language that she is trying to learn and the closest language among her native language(s) and the foreign language(s) in which she is fully proficient. The shorter the distance between the two languages, the less the number of time steps required by the agent to reach proficiency in the new language. When the agent has reached proficiency, she switches

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    ...• Invoice Date • Customer Details (Select wise) • Product / Item name, Unit Price • Search by product name • Item Available Quantity • Sale Quantity • Total Amount ( Auto calculate ) • Total, GAT+ST, Discount • Grand Total, Total Payment • Payment Due, Remarks / Note • Payment Remark • Invoice Status (ex: Confirmed, Shipped, De...

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    PHPFox plugins 4 dias left

    ...go with less tables until another opens. All users will be automatically placed at a table with others of similar sexual preference (ie. Straight, gay/bi), age, preferred distance and Interest Values. Each table will consist of: Tables will be based on groupings. Admin can set the amount of table members from 6-8 (if this proves difficult in CSS design

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    ...different categories. You will have estimated distance of those stores from you. You can change the subcategory. You can choose based on rank, distance, cheapest, etc When a customer enters the post code, the site will automatically detect the location name in side bar and show the store list with distance from the customer location(e.g 3km away). Then

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    ...(fLGD) is still controversial. We identified two cohorts of IBD patients with fLGD who underwent endoscopic surveillance or colectomy after dysplasia detection. We want to calculate the overall incidence rate of colorectal cancer (CRC) in case of nonoperative management and on surgical specimens after colectomy. The secondary outcome is to identify risk

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