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    O projeto consiste em calcular estimativas de custos com base em informações já alocadas em um banco de dados MySQ...estimativas de custos com base em informações já alocadas em um banco de dados MySQL. O desenvolvimento deve ser todo em Python. [fazer login para ver a URL] Input: dados MySQL Funções de Cálculo Output: Should ...

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    Hello. I'm looking for javascript developer to develop a script to create an editable table, generated from JSON or array of create an editable table, generated from JSON or array of arrays, on the web page. No needn't UI. Only 3 headers of table Double clickable and edit string, number, date input value. Under table there must be submit button.

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    ...Attached is a Word document with more details. Please feel free to ask me any questions. If you feel that you can develop this so that it automatically syncs with no customer input, that would be a bonus and we'll definitely take that into consideration. However, that is not a requirement. If you need more details about Perfex CRM - click here to start

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    H2O AutoML ( [fazer login para ver a URL] ) already trained. We need to get a percent for prediction from command line. Model is simple... input: 350+ integers&doubles, output is enum: 0 or 1. Now it works on Google AutoML Tables, but we need to start work on H2O. Command line request must be like: java -jar [fazer login para ver a URL] -model="[fazer login para ver a URL]"

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    ...private string first_name; private double gross_pay; //no argument constructor (not used) public myPayfile() { } //three-argument constructor to set the values input to the console public myPayfile(string fname, string lname, double pay) { } //public class method to return the individual value public string getLast_Name()

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    Flow assurance 6 dias left

    ...utilizing simulation software to model a proposed natural gas pipeline. In order to achieve this feat, pipeline data was obtained and integrated into the simulation to be used as input. A flow assurance fault formation utility module was then used to indicate the presence or lack thereof of the flow assurance issues which were Co2 corrosion, Erosion, Slugging

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    QR CODE SYSTEM 6 dias left

    ...QR-code generator, it will make payment using the bank card in System A to bank account in the generated QR-code in System B. Payer using the QR-code scanner / reader will input the amount to be paid before scanning / reading the code from places mentioned. System C It will have QR-code generator. This is used to generate QR-code that will be scanned

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    ...QR-code generator, it will make payment using the bank card in System A to bank account in the generated QR-code in System B. Payer using the QR-code scanner / reader will input the amount to be paid before scanning / reading the code from places mentioned. System C It will have QR-code generator. This is used to generate QR-code that will be scanned

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    Convert PDF to HTML 6 dias left

    If you are not a Windows Desktop C++ / MFC expert, please don't bid. A class library with a test application in C++ (and optionally MFC). Input: a PDF file. May be a form filled with data. Output: HTML (single file / archive) No external DLLs should be required.

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    ...user input from a Wix form to a Google Sheet, only after the form input has been approved by me on a dashboard page. ABOUT: I’m building a website to help showcase local films. The films are submitted by filmmakers through a form, then approved/ dismissed by me from a dashboard page. I would also like to have the ability to edit the user input from

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    ...application or can quickly build one, to convert any PDF document into HTML with generic styling, then I'm interested in looking at your solution. Attaching a sample PDF form. The input PDF documents will come pre-filled with data. That data needs to be retained as part of the conversion to HTML. Manual conversion won't work in this situation, because there

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    We require a developer with experience working on Symfony, Twig, a...generation. Overview: We have a Symfony/Twig web page that is already developed, however we need a developer to implement a PDF generator function which will allow users to input data into form fields and generate/download a PDF immediately. Are you familiar with Symfony and Twig?

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    Simple Proxy Monitoring App 6 dias left

    ...SMTP. Documentation for email alerts: [fazer login para ver a URL] We will need some kind of admin page where we will input the IP:Port:User:Pass, set the monitoring interval, notification email for down & up, and the SMTP details. We want the ability to monitor up to 20 HTTP(s) proxies with this

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    I need an RPN calculator that saves the input in the stack. It can't be too complex because i will have to understand it to explain it after

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    Handwriting Signature Maker 6 dias left

    ...signature. You can see the entire program I am trying to duplicate from the URL below but here are the main steps in the program. 1. TYPE NAME IN INPUT BOX The student first types their name into an input box on the home page. The program uses the custom font I have and puts the letters together to show their name in cursive (I have code for this)

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    Clover DX / ETL Expertise 6 dias left

    Hi I would like a few hours screensharing with an expert in CloverDX ETL. I have an input and an output file, with multiple columns needing to be transposed (normalised) into multiple rows. So I need halp with the graph with this. Thanks.

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    ...operate through 600V/48V DC-DC bidirectional circuit. The MPPT should control & manage the solar PV voltage fluctuations and give a constant 600V Dc output to DC bus/ inverter input. The inverter output is 10kW 415V, 3 Phase, 50Hz which will have inbuilt grid synchronization circuit as well output EMI filters. The scope includes offsite testing support

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    Paypal API HTML 6 dias left

    Build me an HTML file that I can open, input the following details, and it will send a payment: -API Keys -Amount -Currency -PayPal email recipient

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    ...programming 2. Tensor flow or other suitable platform for AI requirements 3. Suitable camera 4. Actuation hardware (Optional) System components Detection software 1. Video input is taken from IP based camera 2. The UI shall give the user option to draw the parking lots and train the system 3. Naming scheme for each parking 4. Detect free and parked

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    ...since it is kids garments I want pics to be sorted by age and category within age... If the customer likes to purchase anything the product should be added to cart and asked to input their number so that we can further process their order .... that wud be the checkout ... I donot need payment facility since the website will be for local customers... Just

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    Hi, i have few pdfs (max 10) which needs to be converted to a format .pdf but the resolution should be low i.e. no1 should be able to ...out of the same. According to me n my knowledge, with little knowledge of photoshop, its a task of total 10 minutes. Budget is Rs 200/- . Since freelancer did not allow to input anything less than Rs 600/- Thanks

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    ...control the device: Real-time remote control of Android device screen to web page and controlling with keyboard and mouse 2) For the part of creating scenarios: Logs of which input triggered which event during the stream. In other words, recording the user's inputs with events that triggered by these inputs 3) To run recorded scenarios on device: The records

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    App input data to access 6 dias left

    An application for mobile that reads barcode, Abri Barcode39 font, conected to a pc via wifi where add data to table access db.

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    9 ofertas common For the example in the figure this length is 5 3. display a substring whose length is defined in step 2 For the example in figure this substring is GAGTC The input consists of 2 circular DNA sequences, represented in the following way linear Each sequence is preceded by a line beginning with the symbol followed by the sequence name, for

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    ...up to 15 category b. Display items (Allows up to 25 items in each category c. Input pricing 7) Add to shopping cart 8) Make payment with payment link from stripe or paypal 9) Display receipt for customers as a pdf if possible 10) Allow a text message at portal to input messages like (Thank you for your order. It will be take about 15 minutes before

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    ...Google shopping feed, etc). Current tasks includes copying an existing Shopify store and implement new changes on the new site. I will define the tasks, but we'll count on your input on how to get there. Suggestions on how to improve our website are also welcome. It's critically important that you can write and speak reasonably correct English. We're using

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    ...-raspberry-pi-program-on-startup/all Functionality of the system: There are totally FOUR input, TWO output using the Raspberry Pi GPIO. It has totally FIVE system state. PLEASE DISCUSS the project with me in detail. Then I will share you the specific INPUT OUTPUT table, the WIRING diagram, the STATE diagram. Programming Code: The programmer are

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    I am building a website for a client, I...building a website for a client, I do all the photogarohy, they have about 100 items of food and beverage. Need a quote to help with various add ins like split payments, data input for the store (products and refernce numbers), general streamlining the store and connecting it to a Hong Kong bank account etc...

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    * Answer incoming customer phone calls and take appropriate action for each call * Attend ...on product or company policy changes * Use company policies to determine if there can be an immediate resolution to a customer issue or if that issue requires managerial input * Input data into the company computer platform to keep each customer record updated

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    We need to log the data generated by a load cell via Labjack and python programming and do the necessary conversion from input signals to kg and show a interactive graph of the changes in the load cell signal with respect to time

    $20 - $165
    $20 - $165
    0 ofertas structure and estimate channel from a large number of training data. Channel estimation and hybrid precoding are considered for multi-user millimeter wave massive multi-input multi output system. A deep learning compressed sensing channel estimation using RNN scheme has to be proposed. The channel estimation neural network for the DLCS scheme is

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    Just I wanna Build...path; when going right append a 1 one. All characters/encoding bit pairs may be stored in some kind of table or map to facilitate easy retrieval later. 4. Finally, read the input file a second time. For each character/8-bit chunk read, write the encoding of the character (obtained from the map of encodings) to the compressed file

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    I am doing project with Signal data.I need to work for finding the different class name as output for the input signal into a CNN model.I also need to convert my signal data as a images for the CNN.

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    BACnet MSTP on Mbed platform 5 dias left

    I need a fully working BACnet MSTP protocol with integration to the Mbed Platform. The functionality should include the following object types: Analog Input Analog Output Binary Input Binary Output Binary Value Multistate Value Since it is integrated into the Mbed platform, it should us Mbed function. My target MCU is STM32F411. I have a

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    QR code system for payment 5 dias left

    ...QR-code generator, it will make payment using the bank card in System A to bank account in the generated QR-code in System B. Payer using the QR-code scanner / reader will input the amount to be paid before scanning / reading the code from places mentioned. System C It will have QR-code generator. This is used to generate QR-code that will be scanned

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    ...3D design, modeling, coding programs and offerings worldwide for children grades 4-5-6. You need to extract reusable material to assemble our own curriculum program with the input from us. The platforms we intend to start with are: Design: 3DOrchard - [fazer login para ver a URL] Tinkercad - [fazer login para ver a URL] SW for kids - [fazer login para ver a URL]

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    Modren QT UI 5 dias left

    I have embedded application I need only C++ QT interface 1- screen size is 400x800 2- two input box 3- image box 4- three buttons 5- Data gride The data gride should be scroll down when has data

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    Write code in python that will take in a single command line parameter which is the input file. Once the code is run with a file, it needs to do the following: Identify whether the document is an invoice or Others If it is an invoice, the following attributes need to be extracted, if present in the document: Invoice Number Invoice Date Total Amount

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    Billing software 5 dias left

    ...functions and storage data setup in the server yet to be done. Its simple software. Find the attached documents for precise information. Input the client data: Company name, GSTIN, address inside client data, input: multiple product details with quantity, remarks, price. We have uploaded the data. Once, the product is ready to delivery. We click

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    FoodCourt CMS 5 dias left

    ...price, distance from location and cuisine type. The user does not have to be able to be logged into the website in order to be able to use it. They will only be required to input their address and the respective restaurants within a (x km distance) will show up in the results. The employer requires The employer is looking for: An experienced

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    This is a very small project. Single Post Request. Single call. Service Document: htt...very small project. Single Post Request. Single call. Service Document: [fazer login para ver a URL] • Create form to accept user input to construct the request for above service. Details available in attached document.

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    ...sold by vendors and the historical items purchased by customers. Each of these have slightly different rules. Need to build framework for the system to learn based on prior input and then have it begin to be able to make assignments automatically as we load new data. This specification is a work in progress. This project is a fixed price project and

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    We need to get built a Javascript bot for our website. We will provide some usernames and passwords from a database and then bot has to c...usernames and passwords from a database and then bot has to click on specific points on websites to download PDFs. Then we need to share PDfs via whatsapp or email. There are no captcha or bot verfiers on websites

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    Create an Android App 5 dias left
    VERIFICADO pick a country from a list of supported countries (with flags) If the country is USA or Australia, then pick a state Enter the license plate of their car Answer a Google captcha. It will then call an API (provided) The response will be displayed in a neat table, and an image at the top displayed. A button to return to enter a new license plate There

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    ... Manual request/response (using Postman) works fine all the time. The original request was happened to exception & it also returned that the request text was empty (php://input was the method). This issue seems to be a very tricky one to solve; I already had one of my good programmers look into it without any success. do NOT bid for this project

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    Hotel in Babylonjs 5 dias left

    ...down floors through elevator or UI dropdown. Every floor has one hallway, but not necessarily the same number of rooms. Needs a way to travel to specified floor and room on input, not just walking there. Finally, also needs to be able to hang a png picture on the wall of a hotel room. Script should build from inputs: # floors, # rooms/ floor, pngs in

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    I need some help to have a market research. I want to do a platform similar to AirB&B globally , Arabian gulf countries and and in UAE in specific The r...and penetration. Type of services and added value. Market : Potential market, like dynamics affecting this market. Growth and decline. P.s. we need the sources and the input from consumers.

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    Magento2 custom extension 5 dias left

    ...products in different weights like 182gm, 224gm, 236gm, 400gm etc and each time it varies so we are creating each weight as one product so to avoid this, we should able to input all the weights as comma separated and the price is calculated based on the weight the customer ordered like if the customer ordered less than 1kg, is one price , 1kg and above

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    20 ofertas for Android POS system with inbuilt printer. And backend will be firebase or any other cloud based db. UX Design is ready. Requirements: App has 3 screens. 1) Form to input vehicle details (Max of 10 fields with Images to be uploaded), with Printing receipt after the data has been submitted. 2) Search vehicle details, which has submitted in the

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    Request script and csv 5 dias left

    Need it done today ! I need a script for [fazer login para ver a URL] to : Support CSV reading to get all the info size + account Proxies support from a txt list (will choose randomly or linear) Log error / success Login Select Size Get captcha token from anticaptcha or 2captcha submit entry

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