How to Win and Successfully Complete High Value Projects

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You’ve built a nice-looking profile on, you’ve completed a few small projects to get some reviews, and now you’re ready to take on high value projects; but how do you get them?

Projects valued at $2,500 USD or above are considered to be high value. Winning these is great for a number of reasons:

  • They are longer term projects, meaning more work for you
  • They allow you to build relationships with employers
  • You can expand and improve your skills in a real project
  • You get paid well at the release of milestones!

Despite the benefits, there are a few challenges you might face in trying to win these projects:

  • No matter how many bids you place, you don’t seem to get awarded
  • The project brief is too vague
  • The project has a Recruiter banner


These don't have to be barriers to getting work though! Here are some tips on how to overcome these issues:

I bid on lots of projects, but employers never award me!

Sometimes, you may find that you are bidding on many high value projects, but are not getting awarded any of them. If this is the case, the most likely issue is your bidding strategy.

Employers with higher value projects expect highly professional freelancers. Writing a generic bid does not impress them. For example, bids like the one below will immediately put an employer off:

“Dear sir, I have read your brief and I am ready to work on your project. I am a specialist in PHP and here are some websites I have done (followed by lots of URLs).”

This bid looks automated, says nothing about the actual project posted, and runs the risk of being irrelevant (what if the project was actually for a logo design and you mention PHP as your special skill?). Employers are likely to ignore this type of bid.

Instead, write a bid that is specific to the project, mentioning details written in the brief, and giving clear examples of projects you have worked on that are similar to that or have used similar technologies. We recommend reading up on what makes a brilliant bid.

The project brief is too vague!

Sometimes, employers are in a hurry to hire someone to help them, and they don’t have time to write a full, descriptive brief with all the details. Understandably, you might find it difficult to place an accurate bid. When this happens, it is impressive when you take the initiative to ask questions in your proposal:

“Hello, my name is John and I’d like to help you if I can! I can see the skills you’ve requested for your project are “Article Writing” and “Editing,” and these are skills I have over 10 years experience with. May I ask, how many words would you like your ebook to be? Is there a particular topic you would like to focus on? Let me know so I can take a look and see if I have an appropriate sample of my work that I can send you.”

This indicates that you are interested in the project, and have read what has been posted but are looking for more information. Doing this encourages the employer to contact you to discuss further.

I have to be a Preferred Freelancer in order to bid on the project!

You’ve found a project and it looks great, but when you try to bid on it you see this message:


Preferred Freelancers are part of an elite group on our site who represent high standards and high quality. For this reason, employers with high budgets who are serious about finding someone, will often add the Recruiter upgrade to their project. With the upgrade, a staff member will help them find the best freelancer for the job. Most often, freelancers who end up working with these employers are Preferred Freelancers.

The benefits of being a Preferred Freelancer include:

  • First dibs on projects with serious employers
  • Access to more high value projects
  • Personal recommendation by Recruiters to employers
  • Increased chances of getting awarded projects, both high value and normal
  • Badge on your profile to signify that you are a Preferred Freelancer

We encourage any freelancer on our site who is high performing, professional, and experienced to apply and become part of the Preferred Freelancer Program.

If you’d like to increase your chances of bidding on and being awarded with high value projects, become a Preferred Freelancer now!

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