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    Hi! Please read below.
    Based on the previous entries, here are some good advice for you!
    - DO NOT use PPMMA, please use Pole Position (and) Mail Marketing Academy (separate, do not mix it!)
    - You can think of Pole Position as our main brand, and Mail Marketing Academy as sub-brand, so please ceep focus on Pole Position
    - Use blue and blue variants as the main color (you can use black and white as additional 'colors')
    - DON'T BE REGULAR. Regular is boring, and we don't want to bore people. We are not a university or the goverment. We are young and enthusiastic people, and we'd like the brand to be similar.
    - throw your chains off, and uleash your creativity.
    - DON'T use our former logo-style!

    • 3 anos atrás