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Hi. Check my logo. I used a globe in "O" and a pointer showing north of the Globe. I used blue color. it is an international colour. It shows trustworthy, dependable nature and also loyalty. And anothe colour grey, it shows intellect, knowledge and infinite. The logo is formal, corparate. I can create a font including that "O"(with globe) to make it easy for use. Open to any changes. Thank you.

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  • Injaz1
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 10 anos atrás

    Hi, thanks a lot for your submission. You submitted logo is nice. Only we are interested to have real world map "currently showing North and South America" in our logo. You might suggest another globe shape in your logo


    • 10 anos atrás
    1. SeelaHareesh
      • 10 anos atrás

      Thanks for your reply sir..

      Can I know where are you based?
      Which part of globe do you mainly work.

      So that I can change the shape of globe.

      Thank you.

      • 10 anos atrás
    2. SeelaHareesh
      • 10 anos atrás

      I can submit you a font which gives your logo by typing.
      even that world map on globe("O")

      • 10 anos atrás