108810 For the thenthdoctor

Ok some of these might be a bit crazy some boring just be creative as always and have fun.

First the boring stuff this I need asap

My sister read your stuff and feel in love with your writing. She needs the copy on her site jazzed up a bit these are the pages that need rewriting.

[url removed, login to view]

the first page needs those short paragraphs to be re-written or / spiced up

[url removed, login to view] this page needs to be re-written or / spiced up

[url removed, login to view] not sure if this can be added [url removed, login to view] you can try.

[url removed, login to view] ok, for this one I just something about escaping and taking a relaxing trip to the doctor.!?! Do what ever it takes to make people feel like they are going to do something refreshing.

This one can be a bit longer. It is called the adventures of doctor black. Just write something about a female doctor fighting bad health and bringing wellness to the community. She can fly and has super powers.

Ok now for the more creative stuff.

The legend of the game croaker - A short story about a frog from the bog who learns to play all types of video games.

1 page how to be a ??game croaker?? someone who dies to play video games.

1 page about the frog frontier. (The frog from the first story decides to go on what he calls the frog frontier and invites other to join him. The frog frontier is a video game marathon that goes on for ones life time.

2-3 paragraphs about what it would be like to live in Pac-mans world.

2-3 paragraphs on why q-Bert game is so strange

2-3 paragraphs on the strange aliens in the space invaders game.

1 page about Super Mario Bros (the first game) awesome weirdness. (I hope you played before)

Lotto stuff

1 page inspiration story about winning the lotto

1 page about a diabolical plot and system to win the lotto

1 page about can the lotto be beat

1 page about addicted to lotto. (Something like, it??s [url removed, login to view] and I can??t stop thinking about these numbers.

1 page about want you would do with the money

Blue toy poodle

[url removed, login to view]

2-3 paragraphs introduction to blue toy poodle

1 page clever story about cotton on dog world (I planet that he comes from)

1 page story about cotton??s first adventure when he comes to earth

1 page about cotton and the space puppies. This is his music band, think Josie and the pussie cats) write what ever you want. It can be about a concert, how the group got together, anything just make it creative for all ages. Below is info about characters.

lead singer is cotton, 1 member is a dachshund (named stretch) (keyboard), 1 member is a bulldog (mugs) (bass), 1 member is a chiwawa (chelupa) (guitar) , 1 member is a Dalmatian (dots) (drums), 1 member is a pink toy poodle (candy) (lead backup), 1 is a rock wielder (wee-roc) (road manager).

1 page about a touch of blood. This a Christian themed article about Jesus Christ and his spilled blood. Make it work how every you can. Controversial eye opener but righteous in nature.

1 paragraph introduction about the blood of Christ

1 paragraph closing about the blood of Christ

1 page story about yoga (creative!)

1 page story about an out of body experience

1 page about mind over matter ?V psi stuff

1 page about Marcus peblo and yoga? Ploga?? be creative

1 paragraph intro to [url removed, login to view] it is a Marcus peblo themed yoga site

1 paragraph about unlocking full potential

1 page about unlocking full potential

1 page creative about drinking tea (benefits) but with very creative edge

1 page creative about drinking water (benefits) but with a very creative edge

1 page on each of the 9 planets! And yes include Pluto! (Be creative use Greek, roman gods, what ever to make it a great read) nine pages in all!

1 page about the sun. myth legends?K

1 page on the amazing life of a robot!

1 page on why Marcus peblo is so hungry.

1 page on Marcus Peblo and a great chocolate paradise.

1 page on Marcus Peblo eating a healthy diet to fight evil (lol)

2 page story about the robotpegasys. A machine that travel through space and maintains creativity.

Here a link of what the guy looks like

[url removed, login to view]

1 page on mystery art - have an eBay store that I call mystery art. I need something I can put on the description page.

2-3 paragraphs on who is Marcus peblo?

1 page on secret symbol hidden in our world. (dollar bill, Masonic images)

2-3 paragraphs on my micro art here is a link [url removed, login to view]

2-3 paragraphs about dark peblo ?V Marcus peblo??s evil twin.

1 page on a chicken chip heaven

1 page on how chicken chips will one day change the world.

1 page story on a terrifying alien abduction

1 page article about how to about summoning a UFO!

1 page guide on what to do if you encounter a UFO.

1 page some tips on what to do during an alien abduction.

1 page creative about the psychic wars.

1 page how to become a psychic warrior.

1 page called the age of fate (Something about destiny, fortune tellers and mystic signs and card readings. I made up age of fate)

3 to 4 paragraphs on a mini ninja super hero. He gets kicked out of a secret underground sect. His enemies for centuries are the red and black ant clan also the arachnoids (spider) clan. He ends up in the human world where he gets a job as an assassin. He uses the bo weapon located on his back. He also uses it for gliding in the air. He is very fast and stealthy in his movements. Nano Ninja!

3 to 4 paragraphs on a character named broccoli boy. His strengths are that of a broccoli (the vitamins). He has adventures with his super friends, like captain carrot, atomic apple, general grape, And a whole bunch of others. His enemies are crazy cola, sour apple, captain cavity, and a whole bunch of others. Their strengths are the bad stuff like candy, sugar, and so on.

3 to 4 paragraphs about making graphic art and selling and letting people review it online. (For a graphic site for artists. They can submit graphics art that they did for review or that they want to sell. The graphic artists will be able to see artwork from around the world, and comment on each others work.)

1 page on a character called Billy brave hreat. He is a boy around 7 to 10 years old that has a mask that he wears that makes him brave when he wears it. His father is an archeologist that was digging in Roswell New Mexico and he took his son along for the day to work. His son was playing nearby and saw something in the dirt so he dug it up and it was a piece of wood that looked like a mask with 2 holes for the eyes and one for the mouth. Somehow the alien crash in 1947 affected the piece of wood. It was like the mask was calling him, like it wanted to be worn. So the boy takes it home. The mask lets the boy help his friends in situations where they are scared and bullied by other kids. The mask is located in his school backpack, where he can take it out and put it on. When he wears it no one can see it on his face, it??s invisible. The kids name is Eric White, the character is Billy Braveheart!

A paragraph on each comic chick. For example: Wonder Woman, Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pride, Jean Gray (Dark Phoenix), Red Scarlett, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, She-Hulk, Electra, Bat Woman, Super Girl, Spider Girl, Witch Blade, and so on. These are the only ones that I can think of, but I need a paragraph (a summary) on each of them. I know that there are more of them, if you could throw in a few more it would be great! so whoever else you find, just write on them also. Make it a bit sexy and creative. This one is for the types of people who love comic girls.

A few pages (3pages) on the invisible war that is going on our world today. The war is between good and evil, a spiritual war. The angels versus Satan??s soldiers. Everyday this war is going on but no one can see it. The 1st. page should have an introduction, body and a conclusion. The 2nd. Page should include everything about good and angels. And the 3rd. page should include everything about evil and bad people. It??s all about the spiritual war that is going on in our world every minute of every day.) Be creative and mysterious)

If you can add some Christian propaganda. Like how they use the bible to fight evil.

A paragraph or 2 on a moving leaf. It is a concept for a website that has a leaf that is still, but slowly moving. So slow that no one can tell if it is moving or not. People will look at the leaf so long just to see if it is moving or not.

A few paragraphs (3 to 4) on the good old days. I need content on when people look back in their lives and what they experienced. The good times they had. Times change, but someone??s memory will never change. Imagine when you were younger, and all the fun you had with your friends. Those were the good old days.

A few paragraphs (3 to 4) on the love of the game. Playing with your friends in a sport is fun. People love a good game of basketball, baseball, soccer, handball, football and so on. They feel it inside when they play, they love it, the excitement, and the adrenalin of scoring a goal. It??s a loving feeling, a good feeling.


Lastly I need 2 pages about nothing? Strange?K..I have an e-book I am making filled with strange symbols and icons in it. This is just an experiment I??ll doing. I??ll send you a picture of one of the glyphs and see what you think of it.

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