sleepers making bussines


JEET machine corporation

Machine price = 20000

It is a sole cutting machine


Sleepers cutting die = 300 pcs

Strap fitting machine = 6000

Hawai sole sheet = 400 pcs

Drill machine = 10000

Sleepers finicing machine = 8000

Priting sheet = 500 pcs

What think we are going in bussiness

Start you business with small unit , 1st , from u r home , buy a whole cutting machine in low cost , buy rubber sheet , from market , start making , you have to fallow new trands in that , carrefull about new style come in market, try make new style chappal , on letest trend , youth using , try innovative always in market,

Start marketing you products arour 40km , sourrouding your manufacturer house,

Use digital marketing for addvertisement, Facebook promotion, Whatsapp marketing, email marketing, make stall in local trade Fair, or mala, day by day you grow if worke hard,

U have to try some unique marketing solutions,

Legal requirements

Tradelicance of company

Current account

GST registration

Trademark registration

ISO certificate



1. Sole ko cut krna machine se

2. Print the cutting sole

3. Hole the sole in drill machine

4. Strips dale with the help of strips machine

5. Packes in the polythine & boxes

6. Go to the shopekeeper nd sale the sleepers

7. Make a new style sleepers in the trendas











1. Chose the area to do production

2. Shoes the market where u sale your sleepers

3. Meet the shopkeeper every week

4. Make a sleepers best quantity & best design

5. Also sale in websites

6. Create a list to the market shop

7. Chose the best markets

8. Select a team

9. Team members are me ,sales man, production man

10. In one week there are one day take order & other day give order

11. Every 10 day create a new design

Calculating the profits

1 pair rate = 40

Sale rate = 65

100 pair rate = 4000

Sale rate = 6500

Profit = 6500 – 4000 = 2500

Suppose 1 shop order is 20 pair

Rate is 800 rs

So we give order 30 shops

So total pair is 400

So 400*40=16000 maintaining cost

400*65= 26000 selling cost

Total profit is 10000 in one week

So total profit in months 30000

Calculating the loss

Suppose we have total money is 100000

So we make a sleepers to the 20000

The electric bill is 5000

Room rent is 8000

So total loss is 33000 in one months

We checked a our quality & brand & then again we make a sleepers

Nd again we take a loss so total less is 33000

Then third months we absuelitely make a profit

So my total loss is 66000

But we tack a profit in one months 30000

So we cover a our whole loss in a 2 months

Raw material pictures

1. Strip machine

2. Die

3. Strips

4. Sheets

5. Finicing & granging machine

6. Drill machine

7. Screen printing machine

8. Screen design


We save a total money 200000

Machine buy 50000

Material buy 50000

Room rent 3 monts 30000

Electic bill 3 months 15000

Worker 3 months 24000

Total invest in 3 months 170000 invest in a business

So there are total pair ready 1000

With the cost is 44000

So 1 pair is ready 44 rs

Total sale 1 pair 65

1000 pair sale 65000

So reduce the making value in selling value

65000-44000 =21000

So there are 21000 profit

If we sale our products in 100 shops

Per shop order is 20 pairs

So total 100 shops is 2000 pairs in a months

So total pairs maintaining cost is 88000

Selling pairs cost is 130000

So total profit is 130000-88000 = 42000

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