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I am using the iscripts Social Network Program.? I need some changes made to this program.? ? My changes are to keep everything (inside) of the program except for the front page.? We do not want any of our customers pictures or other information to be sent outside of our Social Network.

It is a Christian Social Network.? ? [[url removed, login to view]][1]? ? ? You can check it out.

I also need for you to tell us the page name of every page you make a change on and show us where the change is on the page.? When writing your script, just say "Nov. 09 update starting point"? ? at the beginning of each script that you add or modify.? Then put "Nov. 09 update finish point"? ? at the end of each script.? ?

I also need you to set up an identical web site that is totally independent of the existing web site.? You can set it up at --? <[url removed, login to view]>? --? This will be out backup site if something goes wrong and we need it.? This web site requires some information put into our MYSQL database to operate properly.? Everything will be done on my Server, [[url removed, login to view]][2].


## Deliverables


**Page 1**

Changes in the Front Page, the only page that should be visible to the General Public.

Remove everything from the Front Page except:

1. The “Members Login?? ??" Email ??" Password -- Sign In --- Register here ??" Invisible mode ??" Forgot Password? Click here ------------------ Keep everything on this block just as it is. Do not move it. Do not touch anything inside of it.

2. Move the “Home?? and the “Group?? Icons over and set them just above the “Members Login Block.??

Delete everything else from the “Front Page.?? The Administrator must be given the capability to add Text and Pictures to this “Front Page.?? But do not let the Administrator put anything on top of the existing Home ??" Group ??" Members Login area.

(The above is my second choice Method to fix this page. Below is my first choice.)

( My first choice. ??" If it is possible to download this one page to my web site building program ??" Serif Web Plus X4 ??" and put the text and the pictures on it, I would much prefer this because I can also do many other things with this program. If you can do this for me, I can do all of the work on this page. I also have the Coffee Cup HTML Editor program. I think I can put text and pictures on the site with this also. I do not know HTML, but I think I can use the text method offered by Coffee Cup. If there is any way you can give me the freedom to edit this page with my web site programs, it will be tremendous. I would prefer Serif X4 but I think I can do it with Coffee Cup.)

**Page 2. --- Changes in the First Page of the customers Web Site. Not visible to the General Public.**


Changes in the Front Page that is inside each Members Working Site.

1. Remove all of the Blue Text Items in the Top, Right, section of the Front Page except the following: ??" Home Page ??" Site Map ??" FAQ ??" Help ??" Wishes ??" Tips ??" Stories ??" Shopping ??" and Confessions.


**Changes in the Left side Menu (when inside the web site)**


The “My Badges?? Page

Remove all of the “My Web Badges??

Delete the “My Badges?? in the menu and replace with “Read web site updates??

Send the people who click on “Read web site updates?? to a page (in the administration area) where the administrator documents all of the “Web Site Updates.??

The administrator must have the ability to type on this page and to erase text here if necessary. It is just a text page.


The “Edit Profile?? “Post Bulletin?? “My Profile?? and “Account Settings?? pages should be chanced like this to “make room?? for more commands. The two “new commands?? are shown below the top 4 commands as shown below.

Edit Profile ---- Post Bulletin

My Profile ---- Account Settings

List problems with web site

List request for new web site functions

Moving the 2 commands will open up two lines for 2 new commands, above.

The first new command is “List problems with web site??

When the customer clicks on this item, he can “list problems.?? He will type the problems and as soon as he leaves the site, what he typed goes immediately to a “new file?? in the Administration area. Some type of “notice?? must be put in the administration area so the administrator can see it immediately. Maybe a Red flashing “Notice?? button. The Administrator pushes the “Notice Button?? and sees the notice.

The second new command is “List request for new web site functions??

The Administrator gets this notice the same way he gets the notice above, with another Red Flashing Notice button.

Note the section on this same page that says: Cool New People. ??" Remove this and all of the items under it.

Note the section on this same page that says: Banners ??" Remove this item


Note the very bottom of the Outside Front Page and the Inside Front Page

The dark green/brown band at the bottom of every page. Change that ugly green/brown background to something more appealing such as a dark blue.

On the Front Page (visible to the Public) Remove the line of items that starts with:

General : About us etc. etc. and ends with

Enquiry ??" Plans

Do not change any other text or graphics in this bottom section.

Do not remove any items from the bottom of the pages Inside the Web Site (not visible to the public). (Very Important) But you can change the color of that ugly green/brown band to a dark blue.


A problem with the web site I need you to fix.

Inside the customers “Front Page?? you will see several icons. One will say “Invite Friends.?? Click on this and you will see the problem. Click on the other icons and they all work ok.

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