writer about what u think

hi to writer

i need u to write u disagreement about the following letter .

u need to write in letter format with the following points

1) disagree whatever had mention in the following mail

with your points

2) in the letter u need to mention that , since paul is a manager he suppose to react as a good manner . for example , during office hours he is smoking but actually he is not alow to do so . so write his bad behavior in the mail and ask him to change his bad behavior

3) in the letter , pls inclue the point of paul is not allow to talk bad words such as fu*k when he is having bad emotion day and treat the coworker badly .

4) in he letter , pls mention that paul bad emotion cause coworker having bad working environment and this cause evryone work vey stressful and this is causing work performance

5) in the mail , pls mention that the working environment is like a jail . co worker are not allow to talk to each other even for 1 min .


to: mary

Please note that

our office hours started at 09:30am not 10:00am, I saw that both of you still chatting each other in this morning. It wasn't my first time to point out this case to you. Here is not your chatting room or home etc... I don't want to hearing your personal matter, or working your homework during in office hours. It will be make me very dizzy. If you have not ready to work, you can leave your workstation until you want to take your duties. I don't care what you thinking about me. And if you have not interesting on your job, you can leave anytime. Don't waste your time. Finally, if anyone will not focusing on your work or try to effecting my operations, I will ask Robert to taking an action immediately. Anyway, I knew that I'm not funny guy but it's my job duites and concern.

from paul


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