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$80 USD / hora
Bandeira do(a) NETHERLANDS
groningen, netherlands
$80 USD / hora
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Entrou no Freelancer em março 14, 2007
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$80 USD / hora
Bandeira do(a) NETHERLANDS
groningen, netherlands
$80 USD / hora
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Professional Profile *Experienced Java developer*, able to design and build complex J2EE, or non-J2EE solutions. The past 5 years mainly worked on a model driven CRM-application, mostly on the web front-end, but also on the business logic side. Has worked with components like WebWork, Struts, OC4J, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Ant and Maven. Advocate of TTD (Test Driven Develoment). *Experienced Java architect*, can translate functional designs to technical components. Can help to decide to use which components in which situation. Knows how to apply design patterns properly. Knows his way around with RUP. Is able to distinguish hype from reality. *Technical lead,* facilitating teams up to 10 people. Can help project leaders shape projects into "agile" form. Responsibilities include keeping white board sessions, organizing scrum meetings and feature planning sessions. Recognized for playing a glueing role. Areas of expertise * Agile development methods (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, RUP, UML) * Splitting up work into manageable pieces * Estimating and planning features into iterations * Test driven development (writing unit tests, test data injection) * Translating functional (RUP) designs to working code * Designing OO applications * Designing, building and implementing Java/J2EE applications * Recognizing and applying design patterns * Leveraging main stream Open Source components Programming languages Java (6 years), Pascal (2 years), C/C++ (2 years), Visual Basic (2 years), Delphi (1 years), Prolog en Lisp (0,5 years), SQL (3 years) Summary of tools, technologies, platforms, development environments * EJB's, J2EE (Orion, OC4J 9.04), JUnit, Tomcat 4.x, 5.x, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle/Orion, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, CVS, Subversion, Maven, Ant, WebWork/Struts, Sitemesh decorators, Pluto Portals/portlets, Ajax, JavaScript, Apache httpd, CSS, Magnolia CMS * MySQL, SQLServer 7, Oracle, db4o, XML * Linux, Video4Linux * Docbook publishing, Lucene text indexing framework, HTML screen scraping Education 2006 Sun Certified Enterprise Architect -- 50% 2006 Sun Certified Java Developer (reviewing phase) 2005 Sun Certified Java Programmer 1989 -- 1993 HIO (Computer Science) Graduation project: formal languages 1986 -- 1987 AMBI-modules (Pascal, Database Organization) 1986 -- 1987 Pascal training + internship 1977 -- 1984 Pre-universitary education Experience 2005 -- may 2006, ATOS Origin Role: Lead developer / architect web front-end OrderManager CRM application. Coached new team members. Facilitated projects by organizing planning sessinos and stand up meetings (daily scrums). 2004 -- 2005, ATOS Origin Role: Lead developer / architect. Redesigned the OrderManager CRM application for the Internet. Used the portlet specification (JSR-168), and selected Apache Pluto for it. Discussed performance and security issues. Localized (L10N) and internationalized (I18N) the OrderManager. Traded Ant for Maven, now version control per component. Doors chosen for requirements gathering. Selected DocBook / XML for additional developer documentation. Created scripts for automating release documentation (from JIRA issues, Doors export and DocBook documents). 2003 -- 2004, Contrado Technologies B.V. Role: Lead developer / architect. Redesigned and refactored the CRM Customer component to a generic Customer model (Façade pattern). Disentangled the two enterprise customer systems used. Helped redesigning the exception handling framework. PicoContainer refactored away, introduction of Spring. 2002 -- 2003, Contrado Technologies B.V. Role: Business Logic developer and architect. Introduction of the IoC design pattern (Dependency Injection). PicoContainer is now used for IoC. Initiated redesign, estimation and refactoring of the CRM Customer Component. 2000, Contrado Technologies B.V. Role: Design and implementation of a graphical editor for the OrderManager Product Model, as well as a product model wizard. Introduced Hibernate underneath J2EE, using the app servers' transaction management. Investigated the use of Java Webstart. 2001 -- 2002, Contrado Technologies B.V. Role: Design and implementation of the OrderManager CRM web front-end. Technical lead of the web team. Moved away from servlets and JSP's in favour of Struts and WebWork. Started using Atlassian JIRA instead of Bugzilla. 2001, Contrado Technologies B.V. Role: Lead webdeveloper and web architect in the Generic OrderManager CRM startup. Started using Java, the OC4J application server and a selection of Open Source components (Ant, CVS, Xalan, Xerces, Log4j, JSP, etc.) Selected eXtreme Programming as development method. 2001, Contrado Technologies B.V. Role: Web developer IIS and ASP, HTML and Javascript; Introduction of Bugzilla. Helped creating a first implementation of the OrderManager CRM application (called OMDA). Based on IIS and Oracle it was suited for a limited number of products. OMDA actually went in production. 2000 -- 2001, Contrado Technologies B.V. Role: Lead developer of the web front-end team (10 people). Built using IIS and Tuxedo on an Oracle. Created the web app using IIS, ASP, HTML and JavaScript. 1999 -- 2000, KPN KCI Role: Design and implementation of a Java Multithreaded Server, using UDP and TCP messaging. Resulted in an OrderManager CRM prototype application, finished in 2 weeks with 4 developers. 1997 -- 1999, KPN KCI (Kenniscentrum Informatisering) A department with a vision /on customer data handling/ and /product ordering/. Role: Senior software engineer. Did several projects in Visual Basic 6. Created COM and DCOM components to access customer data. Coded a DAO generator. Started an initial version of the department intranet server, in IIS and ASP. First encounter with Java. Role: Lead developer. Design and implementation of an applet that shows traffic bottlenecks in the leased line net. The applet showed a map of the Netherlands, with the leased line net on top of it. Tools were Java, IIS, ASP, HTML and JavaScript. 1993 -- 1997, KPN Research Did several projects, including: * A Delphi application extracting soccer fragments from video streams; * Functional design and specification for a hour registration system. Built by a 3^rd party; * Research of Deductive Object Oriented Databases * Rapid prototyping in LISP, Prolog, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic. 1989 -- 1993, HIO, KPN Research internship Graduated at the HIO in Groningen on formal languages. Built a parser and a static semantics checker for an experimental knowledge system. Built in C++ on a Sun workstation. 1986 -- 1987,'t Stin Foundation Learned the Pascal programming language. Did several projects in about two years. Designed and implemented an online PLC editor in Turbo Pascal 4.0. Coded an hour registration system for the Melkunie in Woerden, in dBase IV.
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