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Resume of Subasree Venkatesan Summary: • 18+ Years of Work experience in Real time Embedded System Software Development using C, C++ and Assembly Language. • 3 years experience in project planning, scheduling, coordinating activities as a Project Leader and Project Coordinator • 6+ years experience in USA as a Project Leader/ Senior Embedded Consultant. Skill Set: Ø Experience developing embedded applications on UNIX (Solaris), Embedded Linux and Windows environments. Ø Experience using VC++. Ø Worked for SEI-CMM Level 5 Company for more than 3 years. Ø Experience using Cross compilers and linkers such as Cosmic, Diab-data, and GCC, Keil-51, Hitachi Workbench, Paradigm C++ PRO, IAR compilers Ø RTOS used - QNX, GM-proprietary RTOS, CMX-RTX, Keil-RTX51, Nucleus Ø Used Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, In-circuit Emulators, protocol analyzers, Hitex USB agent & Lab View. Ø Used Simucar (a dynamic test bench for power train software, developed by EDS), IO key strip charter, data logger, and static test benches. Ø Processors - 8085, 8051, 8086/8087, 8088, 80186, 80196, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68332, Power PC MPC 561, Anchor AN2131, Hitachi SH1 –7034, Atmel ATMega 103, AVR AT-90 microcontroller, ARM7TDMI, TI MSP430, TI TMS320F28), SH3, Philips ISP1760, PDIUSBD11, Ø Languages – Assembly, C, VC++ & Modula-GM. Ø Bluetooth, Zigbee, RS232, RS422, RS485, IEEE488 (GPIB), MODBUS and USB communication protocols. Ø SAE J1850, SAE J1587, SAE 1708, SAE 1939, CAN, GMLAN, automotive communication protocols. Ø Software Configuration Management tools – Rational Rose Clearcase, CVS, Perforce, Proprietary CM tool. Project/Professional Summary Company: Sri Veda EmSys Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore, India Title: Managing Director Company: Par Tech GSS Inc., MI Project : Diagnostic Tool Software Development Company: Unitronic, Quebec, Canada. Project : Protection of software tuning software. Company: Transparent Technologies, Boulder, CO Project : Bug fixing and enhancement of Universal AMR receiver firmware Company: MahoneyOne, Decatur, GA Project : Design and Development of Bluetooth Alert System Company: Sirahu LLC, Fremont, CA Project : Porting binutils & GDB to a new DSP Platform. Company: Confidential Project : Design and Development of Zigbee Beacon Tags and Reader Company: Fenix Technology Solutions LLC, Bellevue, WA Project : 2SCO/3SCO AG using CSR BC03 controller. Company: RealNet Solutions Inc., San Jose, CA Project: OSAL for Linux 2.6. Developed re-usable modules with Linux OS abstraction. Modules developed: Locks, Timers, Threads, Thread Pool, Linked List, Queues, Hash Map, and Atomic Operations. Software Platform: Linux 2.6 Language used: C Load Test Tool used: GNU tools, Cygwin Company: Kanrad Technologies Inc., San Jose, CA Project: IDEAS(Intelligent Device-Enabled Application Software) – A control and monitoring software for networks. Developed Asynchronous socket communication modules and enhancements to the software for robust performance and bug fixing. Software Platform: Red Hat Linux (7.2) Language used: C++ Company: Advanced Smart Solutions Inc. Fremont, CA Title: Senior Embedded Consultant and Director Duration: November 2002 to January 2006 Project: USB & CAN Bus Consultant Client: STMicroelectronics Corporation, San Jose, CA Description: Working on IPs– USB, CAN Bus for STR91x (ARM9 Core) microcontroller. Helped in USB-IF compliance for Turbo+ PSD Microcontroller. Developed IAP using USB and USB Serial Port application with CDC class. Recommended Analyzer tools for CAN Bus and USB. Validated USB IP and CAN Bus IP for ARM9 core uPSD. Did porting of device drivers for CAN and USB from uCOS II to ucLinux RTOS. Ported uIP TCP/IP stack ( Developed – DHCP, Web Server , Joy Stick Demo’s ). Ported LWIP TCP/IP Stack & FreeRTOS ( Developed DHCP, Web Server, Joy Stick Demos ). Ported Interniche TCP/IP stack & FreeRTOS ( Developed DHCP, Web Server, Joy Stick Demo’s). Project: USB device firmware and driver firmware development (Enhancement and bug fixing) for Spectrum Analyzer. Client: Anritsu Corporation, Morgan Hill, CA Processor Used: SH3 USB Interface: Philips ISP1760 RTOS used: VxWorks Project: Walkie-talkie using CSR Blue core Client : Confidential Description: Design and development of Walkie-Talkie profile using CSR Development kit, Jabra headsets and finally Indigo headsets. Processor Used: CSR BCSP Tools Used: Casira Development kit, Cygwin and blue-lab Project: Calibration Firmware for DustInc’s MOTES. Client: Dust Incorporation, Berkeley, CA Description: Design and development of Calibration Code, Flash Erase and program software, ADC program to monitor temperature, UART code, Digital I/O code. PC interface software was developed using VC++ interfaced with database MySQL, along with GPIB drivers. Processor Used: TIMSP430 Tools Used: IAR Compiler, JTAG debugger, VC++ (MS Visual [login to view URL]), CVS Responsibility: Requirement gathering, generating specification, design and implementation of Calibration code firmware and PC interface software. Project: Optimization of throughput for Math Library function for GME-37 Software Client: Hitachi Automotive Products, Detroit, MI Description: Re-writing the functions in Assembly Language optimized Throughput. Functions were also in-lined and some of the C codes were re-written for throughput optimization. Processor Used: MPC-561 Power PC Tools Used: Diab data Compiler, Lauter Bausch Debugger Responsibility: As a Team Lead identified and implemented strategies for improving throughput. Project: EF Auto Focus Controller Client: KLA-Tencor, SanJose, CA Description: EF Auto Focus Controller is an interface between the scan processor, frame grabber and HV power supplies. The EF Auto focus controller receives auto focus commands from the host through RS232 and sets voltages at regular intervals in the HV power supplies through RS422 messages. When voltages are set, trigger signal (TTL output) is passed through to the frame grabber to capture images. When all the voltages are set, an end message is sent to the scan processor and the data is analyzed and surface potential is computed. This is used for wafer biasing. Processor used: AMD 80188ES micro controller. Tools Used: Paradigm C++ compiler & debugger, VC++ (MS Visual [login to view URL]), Rational Clear case Responsibility: Component recommendation (Microcontroller selection), requirements gathering, generating software specifications, design, implementation, Software integration with MMI and system integration. Project: Sapphire monitoring system using CANbus Client: Schlumberger, SanJose, CA Description: Sapphire system is monitored using CAN nodes and error status is reported through CAN bus to one node, which is connected, by serial port to the PC. The mainframe is monitored for critical error conditions in temperature, coolant, power, etc. and appropriate actions are taken. Communication between the nodes is through CAN bus for high-speed communication. Communication between the controller node and SM CPU is through RS232 at 57600 Bps. Processor Used: Motorola MC9S12DT128 microcontroller. Tools Used: IAR workbench, VC++ (MS Visual [login to view URL]), Rational Clear case Responsibility: Protocol specification for SM system, firmware design and development for SM system monitoring, CAN Bus communication, RS232 communication, Software integration and System Integration. Client: Stewart & Stevenson, Houston, Texas Project: Gateway – J1587 to Modbus Messaging; J1939 to Modbus Messaging. Description: A gateway between power generator engine and PLC. The gateway will appear on the Modbus network and provide information from SAE J1587/SAE 1939. SAE J1587/SAE 1939 information transmitted over Serial communication line will be converted to Modbus standard and transmitted to the Modbus network. Tools Used: Paradigm C++ compiler & debugger, VC++ (MS Visual [login to view URL]), Rational Clear case, Viewcomm Protocol analyzer. Responsibilities: Design, Implementation and Testing of the Protocol Converter Hardware Used: A-Engine, Am188ES based Microprocessor Module (Tern Controller) Company: Neopost Inc., Hayward, CA September 2001 to October 2002 Project: Simply Postage III using SH1 Micro controller-SMD, Printer/Scale Control device & Simply Postage II – Printer/Scale Control Interface Device using AN2131 (8051 core Micro controller), SMD using Atmel AVR AT-90 and AT MEGA 103 microcontroller Title: Senior Embedded Engineer/Tech. Lead Reporting to Director of Engineering Description: Simply Postage III: This postage meter with the SH1 microcontroller interfaced the printer and the scale and did the functions of the secure metering device (SMD) which was a separate microcontroller based device in Simply Postage II Simply Postage II: This postage meter had Cypress EZUSB microcontroller to interface with the printer and scale. This also interfaced with the secure metering device, the moneybox that was controlled by Atmel microcontrollers through a serial interface. The project involved design, implementation/modification of Ø RS232 & USB Firmware Development Ø USB Driver Development for Philips IC PDIUSBD11A /AN2131 (Win 98/2K) Ø Calibration and weighing algorithm for Internal scale Ø DSA signature generation and verification algorithm Ø Printer Module Software Ø Boot Loader & Power-On Self test Algorithm development Ø EEPROM read and write using I2C bus Ø Accountant Software Ø SMD and External Scale software Ø Datamatrix algorithm using the B256 encoding scheme. Ø MRW (Machine Read Write) application program development to read and write into memory locations Ø Program development for PLDs. Ø Image File Generation for printing Ø Auto detection algorithms to detect and flash download the firmware into different manufacturer’s Flash PROMs. Ø Application program development, to program the flash with boot code, OS and Image dies. Ø Application porting from Windows desktop to Palm OS. Processor Used: Hitachi SH1 7034 Micro controller, Cypress AN2131 EZUSB Microcontroller, Atmel AVR AT-90 (Cryptographic Processor) and AT MEGA 103 microcontroller Compiler Used: Hitachi compiler on a workbench, Keil uVision, IAR compilers Responsibilities: Design and Implementation, software Integration, system integration, Project Co-ordination Company: Kanrad Technologies Inc., CA February 2000 to August 2001 Title: Senior Embedded Consultant/Contractor for Neopost Inc, CA Project: Development of Diagnostic Software Description: Development of Diagnostic software to test the various Hardware features existing on the Board. Diagnostic Software receives the command from PC, tests the Hardware and sends the result to PC. Hardware Tested: Modem, Serial Ports, Infrared port, RTC (Real time Clock), Hard disk Interface, Video processing chips and circuits. Responsibilities: Development/Modification of Diagnostic Software for Automated testing in large production. Software tools used: QNX- Real Time Operating System, Perforce - Software Configuration Management System. Processor Used: 32 Bit RISC Processor (IDT RC32364) Project: Multi Line – Multi Handset Blue tooth Cordless Phone Description: This project uses the Cordless Telephony Profile and Intercom Profiles of the Blue tooth standards. The product has got a multi line capability (2 lines) and a multi handset capability (up to 7 handsets). While working in the Intercom profile, it has the capability to work in the Walkie-Talkie mode even when it is away from the base. Responsibilities: Performed Design and developed the following Modules: User Interface Module, Redial Manager Module, Message Screening Module and Forward to Pager Module, Keyboard Scanner, LCD Driver and LED Drivers Software and Platform: The software was developed in C language. Processor used was [login to view URL] Functional Testing was done using the Serial JTAG simulator and the Evaluation Boards. RTOS Used: Embedded Linux Company: CG-Smith Software Ltd, Bangalore, India June 1997 to February 2000 Title: Member of Technical Staff (Project Co-ordinator) Client: Delphi Automotive Systems, Kokomo, IN, USA/Delphi Automotive Systems, Singapore Project: Turbo control and diagnostic for IDCM-X program Description: This project-involved implementation of turbo control logic and diagnostic in the IDCM-X program. Role: Project Coordinator, responsible person for the project Responsibilities: Requirements gathering, analysis, design, coding and functional testing. Software and platform: C program compiled and linked using Diab-data compiler and linker. Target processor was Motorola 68332. Project: EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and Diagnostic Logic for Isuzu Cars. Description: EGR is a technique used to reduce Nox by allowing exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold tore-circulate back to the intake manifold. The existing EGR logic was removed and new logic was incorporated in the ECM software to make the cars EURO-III compatible. Role: Project Coordinator, responsible person for the project. Responsibilities: Requirements gathering, analysis, design, coding and functional testing. Software and platform: C program compiled and linked using Diab-data compiler and linker. Target processor was Motorola 68332. Project: Implementation of CAN modules for GM Continuous Variable Transmission Program (CVT) software Description: This project involved Implementation of CAN modules for CVT software and functional testing. Implemented Input/Output messages for various CAN protocols like GMLAN, IVLANS4300. Role: Team lead in a team of 5 members Software and Platform: Software was developed using C. Processor used was Motorola 68332. Testing was done using CANALYZER and Delco Static bench. Project: ALP conversion and compiler software conversion (porting) from MC68HC11 to MC68HC12 processor for DAIHATSU Cars (8 bit to 16 bit conversion) Description: To improve thru put for DAIHATSU cars, MC68HC11 processor was changed to D60-HC68HC12 processor, a proprietary chip of GM. Conversion of ALP from MC68HC11 to MC68HC12 was done. The conversion included changing the software for all changed hardware I/O, registers, external interface logic, timing related logic and optimization of arithmetic operations. Conversion also included compiler software conversion from MC68HC11 to MC68HC12. Role: Team leader with a team of 2 members Responsibilities: Requirements gathering and execution of the project. Software and Platform: ALP using D60-MC68HC12 to be assembled in Cosmic C assembler. Project: Flash Utility program for V6 Rodeo package. Description: Erasing and programming of Flash EEPROM is being done through utility software. This utility software is assembled and the ptp file is cut appropriately using a flash tool to enable the user to flash the EEPROM with entire code, only calibrations, erase only, program only options. Role: Team leader with a team of 3 members. Software and Platform: Flash utility software was done in MC68HC11 Assembly Language on IBM Mainframe (TSO) Environment. The tool for doing ptpcut was developed in C to be run on DOS based platforms in hand held tools. Test Tools Used: Static Simulator, MDS for MC68HC11, DPSTOOL, CLASS2 Simulator software. Project: Idle Catalyst Monitor Diagnostic Software (OBD-II) for MY2000 cars Description: For effective emissions control, catalytic converters are used in the exhaust and the ECM continually adjusts air/fuel mixture to the proper ratio. Continual combustion of unburnt fuel causes the converters to malfunction and release excess exhaust. Hence, the device is continuously monitored for any malfunction and diagnostic lamps are lit and diagnostic data is reported. Role: Was involved in design, coding and functional testing. Software and Platform: MC68HC11 Assembly Language on IBM Mainframe (TSO) Environment. Unit Testing: Done on each routine on an in-house Excelsim Test Tool. System Testing: Done on Simucar - a real time simulated model of a car. Project: L4COMM - Maintenance of Engine Management for 4 cylinder common packages. Description: Analysis of Request of Software Change for MY 98.5, 99, 00 version cars, design, code implementation, testing and verification. Software and Platform: MC68HC11 Assembly Language on IBM Mainframe (TSO) Environment. Test Tools Used: Simucar, Static simulator, Data logger, IO key strip charter, MDS, Logic Analyzer. Company: Systems Dimensions (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India February 1995 to May 1997 Title: Development Engineer/R&D In-charge November 1988 to January 1995: Novel Electronics and Communications systems, Chennai, India as Development Engineer Education and Training Courses: • B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engg) First Class, Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu, India • Final Year B.E. project “Microprocessor based Switching System” at Sriharikota, SHAR, AP, India. • PG Diploma in Computer Hardware & Microprocessors, NCCT, Madras, India • Certificate Course in OOPS & C++, STG, Bangalore, India • OOPS using C++ - IISC, Bangalore, India • CMM (Capability Maturity Model) based Level 5 training, Global technologies Inc., USA. • Corporate Training Program on Communication Skills, Center for American Education (P) Limited. • Advanced SDPM – a management-training program on Project and People management at CG Smith Software, Bangalore, India. • DSA/DES encryption standards training at Neopost Inc., London, UK References: Available on Request.
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