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$75 USD / hora
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royersford, united states
$75 USD / hora
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$75 USD / hora
Bandeira do(a) UNITED STATES
royersford, united states
$75 USD / hora
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Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Senior Access Development/SSA(Human Resources IS, HR Business) Responsible for creating tools to import/export information from and import/export back to SAP. Develop and automate Access 2003 Databases that will perform data conversion from an older system to a newer go-live of SAP. Databases produce highly sensitive reports containing information pertaining to Corporate and governmental standards. These Reports are generated for Senior Management including the CEO, and Presidents of 4 different divisions. Automation of the database includes producing the reports in access via code, populating an Excel Spreadsheet, and creating an e-mail specific to each level of user, attaching the doc, and automatically e-mailing it with a high importance, time sensitive status. Responsible for converting Logic, tables, queries and reports in 6 different databases from older GEAC system structure and business logic to new SAP structure and business logic. Maintain relationships with management to discuss development and deployment needs of Processes in Business and IT. Determine specifications based on user requests and develop solutions for them. Responsible for 1. Performance Incentive Award Database (Develop, Maintain, DBA) 2. PIA Notifications (Redevelop with new SAP Data structure) 3. Civil Treatment Database (Redesign convert to SAP Data) 4. Western Union Services(WSSS) (Fix logic bugs) 5. Supervisor Database (Convert to new Data and use logic to determine Structure) 6. Western Union(Table Structure Fix) 7. Performance Incentive Award Opportunities(Overhaul, Develop, Maintain, DBA) 8. Stock Options(Overhaul, Develop, Maintain, DBA) 9. Mid Year Database(Re-Develop, Maintain, DBA). 10. Diversity Database(Random Selection of employees based on complex Calculations.) Robern(a Kohler Company) Project Management/Senior Systems Analysis (Business, Finance, and Production) Manage, Develop, Maintain, Verify and Deploy Software in the following Development and Business Environments... MS Access/Office, Visual [login to view URL], SAP, Cognos, Extranet... Suggest business needs for different types of systems. Train users on software that is developed, and on Third Party Software. Maintain relationships with upper management to discuss development and deployment needs of Processes in Business and IT. Determine specifications based on user requests. Create and write Technical Documents showing system flows, program flows, database documentation. Program analysis, and financial analysis. Structure the needs of reporting in PMT for testing and PRD for Production. Work with SIS team COPA Team, SD Team, Data Warehouse team(SAP and Cognos), and FI team to determine reporting needs for Business Units. Generate Monthly Reports in Access by importing information from SAP, Cognos, and Data warehouse, using Report Ease, Upfront, Power Play, Impromptu, Excel, and Text Files. Have ownership of 10 Financial reports currently... "Employee Time, Top 100 Cust Rank, Pre Commissions, Commissions, Detailed Unit and Shipments, Net Sales by Product Line, Unit Shipments by Product Hierarchy, Net Sales by Customer, Net Sales Growth Detail by Sales Dist and Brand, Net Sales Growth Summary". Coordinate and lead meetings with Direct Bosses(Controller and President) and "Dotted Line Boss(Director(in Wisconson))" on a multitude of different aspects. Coordinate and delegate projects between Accounting, Production, an IT. Project Ownership... 1. Lead Delivery of Extranet 2. Lead Serialization Project for Warehouse 3. Lead Planning Database (Access, Sap, Data warehouse, Cognos) 4. Lead Verification of Cognos Cubes and SAP Master Data 5. Marketing Brainstorms for New Products 6. Lead Implementation of Cold Fusion (taking Place of Access) 7. Lead Fix Commissions Database to reflect proper discounts(applies to Sap Master Data Verification) 8. Lead Database Consolidation 9. Lead Copa Re-alignment Training Certs... May 2nd 2005 thru May 6th 2005(Kohler Wisconson) 1. Cognos Financial a. Cognos Consolidation Authoring 7.1 1. ICCP Units 14 2. C P E Units 16 2. a. Cognos Consolidation Application Administration 7.1 1. ICCP Units 21 2. C P E Units 24 April 18 2005 thru April 22 2005 3. Cognos Power Play 7.3 1. Upfront Training 2. Power Play Training 1. SAP Training... May 9th 2005 thru May 13th 2005 1. SIS Overview and Transaction Codes 2. SD Overview 3. Materials Management and Production Planning (MM/PP) August 15th thru August 17th 2005 1. Creating a System request - 4 2. Sap Tips and Tricks - 2 3. E-Kanban - 18 4. MRP Planning - 21 5. Purchasing 101 - 15 6. Enterprise Buyer - 16 7. TP & VS - 9 8. Shipping - 7 9. KPAC - 20 10. Material Masters/BOMs - 12 11. Purchasing Master Data - 14 12. Enterprise Buyer - 16 13. Quality Management - 17 14. Claims and Returns - 26 15. Sap Console - 11 16. Variant Config Overview - 32 Update all Alaris pumps with upgrade program “version 4.08” for “Thomas Jefferson Hospital”. Also installed new Data Sets in all upgraded pumps and kept an inventory report. Consultant, Support, Analyst, Trainer and Developer Projects: Repair maintenance and software installation, repair and maintain crashed computers, upgrade older Operating systems. Reformat drives from dos prompt reinstall operating systems as well as fresh installs. Install and configure MS Office and Visual Studio on computers. Troubleshoot conflicting hardware and software situations (e.g. drivers). Developed Access Databases to track demographical information for small business. Built and maintained Web Sites for small businesses. UNISYS Corporation, Corporate Center, Blue Bell PA Consultant, Project Management, Test Management, Developer, and Analyst Project: Develop a Report Suite (reporting module), that would be capable of giving out ADHOC (on the fly) reporting capabilities in any format and create an automated procedure for “Number Crunching” that would take the place of the manual calculations performed every day. A group of standard reports were developed along with a GUI (Graphical User Interface). This was a 4 Phase Project. Phase 1: Created specifications and Project Plan, negotiated costs and scope of project, and developed the time line. Phase 2: Implement a macro that retrieved information form SQL Server to MS Access Database Level. Automated a procedure so this happens daily at a specified time. Developed 522 Queries, 61 Forms, and 22 Standard Reports and 20 ADHOC Reports with capabilities of generating 471 different reports, 48 macros, and 1 Module. Automated standard reports that can be exported to Excel, viewed in Word, posted as HTML, or read in Access. Developed a custom Report Wizard and test plan. Phase 3: Executed Test Plan. Implemented project to desktop and server. The Databases were linked over a common shared drive and protected by Access security methods. Phase 4: Trained employees Access program, it’s capabilities and it’s limitations, and alternate motives for reporting problems that occur regularly. Supported the project. PECO ENERGY, Center City, PA Consultant, Analyst, Developer, and Test Manager Project 1: Fixed an existing MS Access 7.0 Database for the Revenue Control Group that was corrupted. Project 2: Created a MS Access Database to store all district and county totals for 97 of PECO’s suppliers. This program consisted of 16 Tables, 49 queries, 27 forms and 30 hard coded reports. The program has a custom main menu screen. Forms were created to except data entry, perform, and display major complex calculations for easy reconciliation of dollar figure conflicts by outside suppliers. Calculations were also stored in a table for viewing on reports. A Report Wizard was implemented for easy creation of new reports. Other duties included: Licensing issues such as research and Purchasing of CAL (Client Access Licenses) for multi user capabilities on server, presentation of possible DLL and OCX file conflicts, and creation of user manual documentation. Also created small tutorials in Visual Basic 5.0 (Professional showing the different types of error messaging that could be used within the Automation and MS Access programs. Project 3: This Project was a 4 Phase Project that would automate an existing manual procedure. Team consisted of 5 Analysts, an internal IS coordinator, and 1 Programmer/Analyst/Test Manager. Phase 1: Created specifications and Project Plan, negotiated costs and scope of project. This was a "Team" effort. Phase 2: Developed programs, consisting of Creation of Data Model, Creation of Tables on SQL Server, Visual Basic GUI" (Graphical User Interface), a Cobol program for implementation of Batch Process, and Crystal Reports to view the new reports produced by the programs. Visual Basic program utilized 3rd party development tools (e.g. A Resize tool). Phase 3: Developed Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Documentation, and ADAM Documentation, and setup the Test Environment. This was a single effort. Phase 4: Deployed program to over 400 computers in 5 different areas via an "Install Shield" application over a dedicated drive. Manually setting "ODBC" settings on some systems. THE VANGUARD GROUP, King of Prussia, PA Created an Extensive MS Access database for Vanguard's "SBTG" (Specialized Business and Technology Group) that tracks the number of departmental errors based on a month-to-month schedule, as well as quarterly schedules. Produced several different reports that would give the percentages of errors, total dollars each user accumulated, and the amount of work processed over the month's period of time. Information could be added, updated, and deleted through the use of forms that were created. A separate form was created for graphs, which updated themselves instantly when new data was entered. Macros and VBA code within Modules were used to further the functionality of the program. Developed a program in Visual Basic 6 to aid in the training of employees at Vanguard. MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: CONCEPTS: General Management/Business Operations/Business Management DUTIES: Re-Structured, Designed and Implemented new Business Plan and Structure, Promotions, Devised Marketing Strategy, Accounting, PR, HR, Pay Roll, Job Descriptions, Compensation Rates, Hiring, Firing, Training, Supplier and Distribution Relationships, Cost Analysis, Creation of Budgets, Leading Meetings, Responsible for All Departments, Responsible for Large Sums of Money ($20,000 +) and Deposits(daily), Redesigned Website, Viewing Statistics, Determination of Cost and Booking of Entrainment, Improve Unstable Reputations, Reduce Debt Ratio, Redesign Interior to Follow Trends, Event Coordination, Head Security. The Ridge Limerick, PA • Managed a team of 26 Employees and as many as 475 Clients. • Decreased a significant debt to equity ratio by analyzing, changing and eliminating overhead. • Steadied Revenue by building a new reputation for a business with a poor one. • Utilized proven trends that increased earnings by 200% on particular days. • Generate daily/weekly/monthly Reports for absentee owner. Jesters South Coventry, PA • Managed a team of 16 employees and as many as 180 Clients. • Increased sales from $2,800 to $8,700 per week in 2 months with a high of $13,900 in 5 months. • Generated mass business with no budget. All Star Café Gilbertsville, PA • Managed a team of 34 employees and as many as 320 Clients. • Increased sales from $7,000 to $27,000 per week in 14 months. • Generated new business through outstanding marketing and strict budgets.

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