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    MS Access Database Encerrado left

    I need an Access Database application built that allows users to Add, Delete, Modify and run reports using logic from four tables. I will need a main form where the user can click on the desired function and make changes to one of the tables stated below. I have examples of what the forms should look like in the attached document. Also, I will need reports that totals records and group by certain ...

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    Need a VB front end that can be used to query an Access database. Also need the ability to sum columns and/or filter by date if the respective columns are included in the query. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows XP

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    access to word Encerrado left

    i have a database in MS Access. the fields are qoutation and book name. I need a code to transfer this table to ms word and then in ms word it should automatically the quotation and the bookname should become a footnote. I can send the database to you. Which I have done already. The database is complete, now I need just the code to transfer to word and create footnotes automatically. please respon...

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    I need a script that will allow users to send me the form that they have filled out on my site. I am on a NT server running php. I would like to have a form validator too . the form does not contain any sensitive information. I would like a program that uses the varables that I define. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source...

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    An entire file drawer in my office sits filled up with old paper forms that I wish to turn into a searchable Access database . . . all of that has already been set up and designed in Access. There is a table of all the raw data and a form view to view and enter the data. The form view is the ONLY part that I want the rest of the office to see in order to prevent them from messing with some of my s...

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    Basically I am want to run some auctions on When the sale is complete, have the customers come my web site, and enter their information. Save that information using ASP into a database. When a batch of orders are ready to ship, I want to be able to pull that information and enter it automatically through a web site such as [fazer login para ver a URL] or [fazer login para ver a URL] or U...

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    Simple Form Encerrado left

    I just need a very simple html form that has 5 fields that I can edit the names of. Full Name Email Address Text1 Text2 Text3 Upon submission, the form input needs to be written to a comma-delimited text file in the same directory. This can be done using asp if need be. Basic validation criteria should be written in for the first two fields to confirm that the name is a full name, and the email ad...

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    Here is the flat HTML coding for this project **[Click Here][1]** You will need to do the following: * Design the database (*efficiently*) * Draft an .asp version of that [fazer login para ver a URL] page linked above * Search Database and result into whatever tables in the content area you would like, I will edit visually * Comment Everything neatly * I will be here to answer everyth...

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    On-site help required with shared database project (10 front-ends, one server back end, Win2000 & Win XP machines with Win NT4 server). I would like help with error (no number) "Could not save; currently locked by another user". There's plenty of help online for 'Couldn't save' but not 'Could not save'. This error is untrappable and seems to occur when t...

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    I need a VB 6.0 application to allow users to browse and select a tab-delimited text file and import it into an MS Access database. There is only one table to update. The user will need to browse and select the MS Access database as well. The ability to allow multiple selections of text files to be imported at the same time would be nice to have - but not a mandatory requirement. Most (all?) of th...

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    82583 Form Mail list Encerrado left

    I need a simple formmail script created. I only need a "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" feature and a place to see the members names on the list like [fazer login para ver a URL] has.

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    We are looking for a couple of people who can build web sites, must have a background in ASP, SQL, Access, Javascript, and some ASPX on the .Net platform. Please email us if you think you would be suited to the role, it is on a contract basis and is paid by each job done. Please send example URL's of your work. Thanks.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I have a small access 2000 database. It has 7 tables and seven forms. Relationships are already setup. I need to create a monthly attendance report. The reporte must be automated and based in a parameter query. It does not have to show sundays and holidays. If want a report for Mr X clients I should be able to get automatically updated and formated. See attached file for an example. ## Deliverab...

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    We need a way to take data from MS Access and print to MS Word Templates. We need to be able to log to the database when a report was printed and which one. We want to be able to click on a button from within Access and have a menu of available templates come up for selection. We also want the ability to print data from access that have been flagged for printing. This way we can print for example ...

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    a vb form with a sql query and display the data into flex sql script and sample data provided ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform win98 or above and sql2000

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    Access DB Needs Work Encerrado left

    Current database written in Access 97 for order processing and inventory. Needs some repair and expansion to solve some problems and add functionality. Goal is to get more web based for future growth. Open to full redo of the process. Must be able to supply information readily in exel format. Reporting is very important. 1. Make iventory system work better for determining product that has been shi...

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    The project is to add a contest entry form where participants enter their information to get a free gift. All fields in the form are required, and we must provide the validation for email addresses and phone numbers. We will also create a user-tracking module to track user's IP address, referring URL (website), time & date, browser and OS type. We will also provide an automatic email conf...

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    Access file modified Encerrado left

    Please find the access file that i would like modified here. [fazer login para ver a URL] I would like to select an invoice number, add serial numbers to the products ordered( sometimes 2 serial numbers ), and then print a customers invoice including the serial numbers of each product. Also, collect all emails for news letters Please provide a quote. Regards, Michael mike_issa@[fazer logi...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I want a program in VB that will ask the user questions (not more than 20 questions which I will provide in MS Word fromat), and then based on the answer (I will recieve one yes or no answer), either tell the staff member to notify me by phone and then fill out the form, or fill out the form directly. The form is currently in MS Word 97 format, but I would prefer that it be enhanced to have a smal...

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    Please find here the access file that i would like modified. [fazer login para ver a URL] I would like to select an invoice number, add serial numbers to the products ordered( sometimes 2 serial numbers ), and then print a customers invoice including the serial numbers of each product. Also, collect all emails for news letters Please provide a quote. Regards, Michael

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    I would like someone to decipher a Dr. Watson error log I received in an application running in MS Access 97. The error seems to involve either the [fazer login para ver a URL] and/or the MSO97rt.dll. I have two Dr. Watson logs, from two different machines that received the same error. I would like to know what specific file/application caused the error and how to fix it. ## Deliverables I want...

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    I am after an application that builds an exam based on the contents of a MS-Access Database. The DB has two tables, one table lists up to 20 "knowledge areas" which are then related to quations in the questions table. By using a "switchboard" populated from the first table the user selects the relevant "knowledge areas". After slecting a knowldege area a list of all r...

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    I have a form ( [fazer login para ver a URL] ) that sends variables to a shopping cart script. I would like those variables sent to this form ( [fazer login para ver a URL] ) where additional variables are collected. Once a submit is selected, I hope to have your script send all variables to a database (prefer Access) and the original variables sent to the shopping cart script. Im not running on...

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    I need a simple form mail script which I can use on all my sites so that when a form is filled out, it sends it in email format to me, and moves the user on to the "form sent" page.

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    Small business in New Jersey. ([fazer login para ver a URL]) I had a programmer develop an Access database for me (Access 2000). He left unexpectedly with no documentation, etc. I've spent the last two months working with someone to help create documentation and we are now looking for someone to help us get things up and running. Actually, we're up and running but with issues that need t...

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    Task description: online shop database (MS Access to be able to size up to sql server) user administration interface The web page layout is not part of this inquiry. Shop (on the web): The shop will sell personalized photos. These photos are personal pictures and should not be viewed by other users. After logging in with a personal user number and email address the user get a number of photos disp...

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    Need a web site form page that will input a number of variables (approximately 15-20), do some sorting (decision making) and perform calculations based on a algoritm that I will supply and then present the result of the calculation to the user. Code is required perform some logic (depending on input variables). And code that performs logic and calculations must not be viewable by the client (resid...

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    Need to have an email routine that sends an Access97 report as an attachment in PDF format. It must work exactly as the [fazer login para ver a URL] works with the output format as a .snp (Snapshot) file, only the attachment is a PDF document. It must not require the end users to have Acrobat or a printer designated as a PDFWriter, or any other dependencies. The routine must be able to run on a co...

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    This is a preliminary bid request to find someone as a subcontractor for a Microsoft Access Membership database design. This will involve working closely with us to design a system for our client. They will aid in estimating cost of the project. As such the ideal candidate will be in the BOSTON AREA or very nearby and will be available to meet in person to discuss the project further. ## Deliver...

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    Attention Flash Ecommerce Site--Project Redo Version 3.0 PLEASE LOOK OVER THIS CONTRACT IT SUPERSEEDS PREVIOUS VERSIONS General Overview. The types of products sold are gift merchandise with many categories for Consumer(s) to buy and receive discounts off merchandise as a member/ reseller. There needs to be an easy admin interface for the Shopping Cart (see below)*. The site needs to be desi...

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    I have an order form that I want to be available online. It has to be Front Page 2000 compatible and tied to the Access database. User will fill out the form online, using .asp or .html page (Front Page form). Then administrator should have an access to the database file from either internet page or directly through Access .mdb file. Need to be able to print out reports, graphs, etc. Need to ...

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    Attached you will find a zip file containing a sample payroll database of unknown origin or structure. The zip also includes sample (canned) reports. The payroll software does not provide external access to the database so customized reports can not be done (only canned reports). This bid is to be able to read this information (database) through VB or Delphi so customized reports can be created. (...

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    Web Table Query /Save Web Text to Database Project Part 1: Need a program to query and extract tabular table data and corresponding picture(s) from web sites. The site can be an ASP or CGI or other type of sites. For each web page's table save to an excel file. I if there are multiple tables in a web page save them o the same excel file. You need to create a folder for each web site and store...

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    Convert Access Tables, Queries, Forms and Macros to Visual Basic 6 Project... I have a Database that I would like Converted to Visual Basic 6 Project... Convert MDB to VB6... Enclosed in the attached file is the database to be converted... They can be done as two seperate projects... I have extracted the Data so to save file size... Everything else is there... Needs to be Converted to VB so I can ...

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    See the attached files for details. I need someone to go through the assignment sheet and make sure that every item is implemented as described in the file [fazer login para ver a URL] - a lot of this is already completed but Queries 4 and 6 are missing. Additionally, while the forms have all the required elements, they need to be changed to look exactly like the screen shots (I will send these la...

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    I'd like a custom CGI script for form handling. I will supply an HTML shell page with four input fields. The names of the fields cannot be changed. After a user completes the form, they will hit the submit button. The form will post the data to a specified page, write the data to a csv file, send an email to a specified address, and take the user to a response page. ## Deliverables Complet...

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    VB6 + ADO 2.5SP1 Project. Source code must be well commented!!! Steps: 1. Select a MS Access 97 or MS Access 2000 database via a DSN as the FROM DSN and a Sybase or MS SQL Server database DSN as the TO DSN. Must also work with OLEDB connections. Would be great if program read connection info from an INI file or a separate MS Access database. 2. Fill one checked list with tables and another checked...

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    (High-level Specification) This online catalog web site should be similar to a basic database drive Shopping Cart. The application should be written in ASP (active server page) with MS Access to be size up to SQL server or MSDE engine. The database must be able to support 5000+ product records and 3000 client login and profile. The online catalog application should have this functionalities and fe...

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    Survey form Encerrado left

    Survey form.. Where Champ user can go to a survey form administrator, and key in their questions and options of either single answers in text or multiple choice answers. External user would enter the survey form, answer the forms appropriately. Champ user retrieves the survey end of the month or mid year...via admin...with with reports such as number of users answered, how many answered question1....

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    I need a trustworthy database and SSL programmer to create a password protection system with usernames and passwords that I may assign to certain groups/individuals. I will have parts of my page open to the public, but for certain pages, there will be limited access--only those who enter the username and password may view the page. I would like for you to design the interface: a very basic login p...

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    Internet and Desktop Toolbar: It should be accessible from a toolbar, which runs at the bottom of the screen or in the system tray (when not in use). It should provide quick access to computer and Internet resources. It should include tools for any type of Internet user, including Search throughout at least 40 different search engines at once: It should available for users from their desktop and f...

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    Access 97 conversion Encerrado left

    Im looking to have a program that was written for Access '97 to be converted so that it can run with Access 2000. It is a program that allows price charts to be added and store clients. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows

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    Migrate Access Encerrado left

    I need a coder to take a small business database created in access and convert it to SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000. The database contains 6 tables and 15 views. I would also like the coder to move the access information into the new SQL database. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete cop...

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    I need a competent coder to work alongside our existing developers to convert our current existing access business management system querys to sql server format. Please only capable coders with experience an the above reply ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchas...

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    Hi, Im a newbie at this, working to build a project without too much technical knowledge of my own. I will need a coder who is patient and highly knowledgeable. Brief overview: A free to access, internet database of UK car boot sales, antique fairs etc searchable by location and date. Implemented regionally at first, eventually national by end of 2003. Launch Jan 2003. see [fazer login para ver a ...

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    I need a form processor (perl, cgi, or php) that is EASY to install and is able to be configured in the HTML or each page that contains a form. Basically all I need is the program that will take all the form objects on my pages, send them to me in Email with the subject and from adress as well as the to address to be configured on each page. This processing program needs to be able to handle sever...

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    Easy Access Project Encerrado left

    Easy Access project I need finished ASAP. All requirements are in the attached PDF under Assignment 1. Will send a few form screen shots to the successful bidder. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Only Assignment 1 needs to be completed! ## Platform ...

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    I need a module (source code) that will keep the progress bar within the status bar when the form is resized. The code must also resize the progress bar if the location size changes. (Example I have a status bar with four panels the last panel (4th) I wish to place a progress bar). Al is well until the user resizes the form (or Maxiumizes) then the location will be wrong when the user restarts the...

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    I am working on a website feedback form as a learning project and my problem is: when the 'submit feedback' button is clicked the following error message appears: "FrontPage Error. User: please report details to this site's webmaster. Webmaster: please see the server's application event log for more details." This feedback form is supposed to append the feedback to a ...

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    I need a program that will insert text variables into documents that I provide. Specifically, I have a bunch of real estate documents, and I want a program that will do the following: 1. Accept the input of about 25 variables. 2. Insert those variable in the appropriate places in my documents. 3. Allow the user to view any or all of the documents. 4. Allow the user to print the documents. 5. Allow...

    $178 (Avg Bid)
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