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    ...Also I dont want a META SEARCH ENGINE - I want my own personal search engine - which will have an ability to for users to do the following :- Add URL Advertisement ( TEXT AD - Banner Image Ad ) ( Sales Revenue, Invoicing - Total Sales And Accounting system in the admin area so that the admin can check how much earned with advertisement , e

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    7 ofertas C#, Visual Studio .NET, using version 1.1 of the .NET framework. - I need a way to "Check for Updates" and update a Data file over the internet. (Linux server) - I need a way to encrypt and/or compress plain text data file, so it is usuable by my program only. - I need A math parser without rounding errors. For example, sending "((1000/23)

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    ...purchase. It's like an administrator's panel. Also, I need an automatic shipping calculator and the web site to take coupon codes. Just a click of a button and enter text, I'm done. Instead of me literally edit the html codes to changes product, I want this automatic so it's easy for me. Also, I need an automatic shipping calculator and the

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    ...colors should be customizable. The data routine should be "collection" not array. 1. The list items will have a customizable background color in the icon position (the Tan part as shown) 2. When selected the developer will be able to customize the selection color, selection border color, and the color of the text when selected 3. When the mouse

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    ...interface statistics), and start sending messages between the 2 computers. The messages should be displayed and also appended to a text file. *if using a modem connection initialize the interface using DTR, RTS, 8 data bits, no parity, 19,200 bps). All I require is the code and screen captures (alt + 'print screen') of your testing.

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    1. C/C++ application and source code (including DSP/DSW files) hosting IWebBrowser2 control. Application must include input text area to specify the URL to navigate to. 2. Any GET requests to [login to view URL] shall be handed by C/C++ (no separate DLL/EXE) and return c:whatever using C/C++ file i/o (fopen/fread). This holds true for ALL requests

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    ...displayed tot he buyer. <[login to view URL]> this is a two part form. use macromedia products ??" copy all of the text and change [login to view URL] to We will download the pages you ahve created and modify the text with dreamweaver. I need all the associative backend tools to run the front end site. Meaning if you can see it ont he

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    ... Please let me know what your cost would be on this asap (please break down by module)...I need a couple of these modules done (at least enough for client to begin entering data in two (2) days time). We have budgeted one programmer to work with us for about two weeks. Many of these scripts already exist so it would be a matter of installing and integrating

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    Crawling Encerrado left

    Web Crawling utility that crawls a specific site, parses the data according to a template, and then inserts the extracted data into a database. Inputs (with examples given): URL Root: [login to view URL] Starting Integer: **10000** Ending Integer: **10100 **Wait Interval: **2** Template name: **[login to view URL]**

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    ...going to randomly audit the information to ensure that it is accurate before releasing payment. ## Deliverables 1) Complete Excel spreadsheet or tab-delimited text file with the data as described in project specification 2) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright

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    VB,net Encerrado left

    ...conversion functions to convert data types. Please read about this in the help. | Object | Properties | | Form | Name: frmMain Text: Your name, Assignment 3, Your email address | | Label | Text: Please enter your name, pay

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    PO management Encerrado left that will be used by the dial up program **_2- server : _**A server will have a screen to monitor received PO from ALL clients to ALL providers And sort and group data by Date by Client by Provider. also a screen to view all received invoices from ALL providers to ALL clients . **_3- provider :_** A provider will have 3 executables ,

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    9 ofertas and the hours needing to be worked on such a day. Retrieval of previous calendar data required. This will be used in a hospital environment to schedule doctors to individual shifts throughout the month. XML or text based storage of matrix/calendar data preferred. I am a firm believer in the GPL, and will be willing to work with individual

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    ...format the data extracted from scriptlance and then displayed the data nicely on my website with nice tables. Please read the following If you want to grab a list of our projects to include in a script, connect to the following URL. This prints out the projects 1 per line, with each data field seperated by a tab space. The following project data is printed

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    DEM Frontend(repost) Encerrado left

    ...of the pre-processing and post-processing code. The task will be to simplify and enhance the data input into the execution code, and then to provide the post processing and output modules. The input will need to include a graphical interface as well as text. A typical output will include stills and animations of motion studies utilizing jpg’s and avi’s

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    We need a simple two-way utility (to be called the ADU) that will assemble and disassemble delimited text files that conform to our specification. There will be no user interface to ADU. It must run as an executable that can be run from a batch file with command-line arguments. The ADU will serve as a component of the import/export subsystem of our

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    ...binary data file (example attached). The manufacturer of the program that creates this file also makes another program that will read and export the data contained in the binary file to a text file. A truncated export of the data contained within the attached file is included below. The ideal solution would be a PHP script that will read the data directly

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    I am receiving a text file that contains 4 fields per record: Unit#, DateStamp, Latitude, & Logitude We need to take this data, sort by unit number and timestamp and create output ASCII flat text files that are "trip legs": each record to show unit number, dateStamp. latitude(1), longitude(1), latitude(2), longitude(2). Where Lat/Long(1) is the

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    I am writing a generic data import routine in Cold Fusion. I'm fine with the file upload and transferring data from an import table into the final table in my SQL 2000 database. What I need is a routine that will take a flat file (.txt tab delimited or .csv comma separated), that will take a table name and that will import the contents of the file

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    Provided enkryption keys and sample data. The en/decryption algorithms should be re-created. The encrypted data consists of ascii text. Not much is known about the algorithms other then that they seem quite RSA typical. The reason for us needing someone to do this is that we are provided the streaming data cheap this way as it is designed for a client

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    DEM Frontend Encerrado left

    ...of the pre-processing and post-processing code. The task will be to simplify and enhance the data input into the execution code, and then to provide the post processing and output modules. The input will need to include a graphical interface as well as text. A typical output will include stills and animations of motion studies utilizing jpg’s and avi’s

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    Mr. Auto-Moto Encerrado left

    Program in asp and access. Site for people who want to buy and sell the car. Who will upload text and upload pictures: private car owners and car seller companies! Should be able to edit uploaded data and mark it sold (if sold). Categories could be buses, cars, trucks, motocycles... and other categories should be car manufacturer, model of the

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    ... that I need to have exported into Excel CSV or Delimited Text format. YOu will need to have Lotus Notes to open the file, then either write a Notes Application or an external utility to export the contact data. This is a one time conversion effort, the only deliverable is the converted data. Can anyone help?? Need this done ASAP! ## Deliverables

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    Perl Encerrado left

    ...information_sheet_2 and resource_script_2 for further information) programmatically extract and store in a (set of) text file(s) the URLs from the Gene Search result that link to external websites. 4. Provide a means to navigate the data generated from objective 3, allowing the user to select a specific URL which can then be opened using Internet Explorer

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    3 ofertas design. Preliminary Data: The design will contain several categories (home, about, services, management, case studies, contact, etc.) as well as 3-5 sub categories in each. In all the website may require 20 - 35 pages. The site should allow 3 - 5 pages the ability to be edited (remotely via ftp) by text document. Ideal solution FLASH

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    ...will need to store the recorded audio into the user's computer. The user will be able to enter in information into the Web page form. When the user submits the page with the text information along with the recorded audio, JavaScript will check if the user recorded an audio. If not, will produce a flag so that JavaScript will pick it up and alert the

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    5 ofertas

    ...want the user to have to enter text comments (about the sponsors website) and have to enter these comments to receive credit. There is a forum installed at this website, an invision power board. Security improvement is the other issue. The primary problem involves a few logic errors with the cgi scripts, some missing data rows and some table mix match's

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    Hi, I'm looking for a live support programm like this: [login to view URL] Following features are needed: - text chat in a dialog window - personal answear > when a client joins the chat, the admin can add a standart message. i.e. Welcome at x, our support will soon help you - Visualized availability display > a user

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    9 ofertas

    ...options: Products Contact Tips/hints Advertise Prodcts: I would like this database drivin (mysql) and all products will be displayed by a single template with the data being dymanic from the DB. It will have the price of the product, system requiremnts, info on the product, price and a link to buy it. You will need to do the coding for the

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    22 ofertas

    ...Shortest Remaining Time First(SRTF) and the other one is Non-preemptive Priority Scheduling(NPP). The programs should be written in C or C++, but I prefer C. Data to be processed are to be read from a text file and there should be 2 output textfiles for (a)statistics(includes WT AND TA,etc for each process) (b)eventlog(for the whole thing). ## Deliverables

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    15 ofertas

    ...ARCfour, but are open to other proven algorithms and methods. **Intended Use: **Users will input text into a textarea. That text will then be encrypted using a key code or password (any combination of numbers and text). The encrypted text will be placed in another textarea box, then decrypted. Bidders should provide a basic conceptual outline

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    4 ofertas

    ...driven from static text within the Javascript. I would like them changed to drop down box which is linked to MS access datatbase. I can provide all current code for enhancement. I would also like a more robust search feature as well as a confirmation screen and the ability to modify (i already provide a screen with confirmation of data, but it does not

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    2 ofertas
    challenge quiz Encerrado left

    ...view their results. Results will include itemized results including a correct/incorrect graphic (depending on whether they got the answer right) and a pargraph of descriptive text. Users will not be able to retake the quiz, so a cookie will need to be written with their results. This cookie will need to be checked prior to displaying the quiz page

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    8 ofertas

    **Data File Editor and Application Launcher** **was:** Universal, “Data (Template) Text File Editor?? program **SEE BID REVION# 01 attached PDF file ** A graphical/GUI (but simple) universal, “**Data** T**ext File Editor and Application Menu Interface**?? (Application Launcher). The “Data Editor?? portion of the program ‘saves...

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    67 ofertas
    Cut and Paste Job Encerrado left

    ...have two windows open, cut-paste, cut-paste, cut-paste submit and to the next article. If you are interested, please request further information, I will give you url of source data so you can give a specific bid. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    69 ofertas

    Steven - Item1-Incorporate [login to view URL] access to at least Three(3) user Microsoft Access data tables. Review Chapter 9 of the texdt and look at **[login to view URL]** Steven - Item2- Include Structured Error Handling on all forms-Review Chapter 10 of the text and look at **[login to view URL]**. Steven Item3- Use

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    ...end-user will have access to his own account in a a single directory. The admin will have access to all data in all end-user's directories on a server mapped by domain or IP. 2.) The email mass mailing program will be a program which a user can upload text based records into a MySQL db, download said address lists???? remove lists, and email lists based

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    12 ofertas
    News-Paper Encerrado left

    ...for articles! Article should have a title and picture (small picture) Date, location, author, Short description. Article should have only 70 to 100 words cut from the full text, and visitors should click ...more... to read full article! On main page should be 5 to 15 last articles listed. And on the bootom there should be 20 articles (titles only)

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    4 ofertas a a single directory. The admin will have access to all data in all end-user's directories on a server mapped by domain or IP. The GUI will be fully editable by the designer once development is complete. 2.) The email mass mailing program will be a program which a user can upload text based email addresses, download said address lists, remove

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
    0 ofertas

    ...always Window 1. User will enter data in some fields of this document located on lines 2 through 10 of each section. The second file is that data file available in tab dileneated text. There are six different data files, but the user will only have one open at a time. The data file opened is based on the work type. The data is always Window 2. The

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    15 ofertas

    ...client puts our search engine logo on their home page, their cost per click is lowered. Our search engine requires the following features: Data importation: Must be able to import xml, text, etc. of farmed data. Each record must contain the following variables: URL, email, meta keywords, meta title, meta description. We will be importing over 5,000

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    9 ofertas is moving to .NET and is using the book: _The .NET Languages: A quick Translation Guide_ Brian Bischof ISBN 1-893115-48-8 We require an Access DB (just the DB and data) so that we can look up VB6 keywords to find the .NET equivalents with simple examples. We will supply an empty Access2000 DB with the tables and fields to get you started.

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    Clipboard program Encerrado left

    ...a browser, copy the text, and view it as html. Please see the demo program at [login to view URL] I am not looking for fancy interface like in this product, just the functionality: 1. select info from a browser, 2. press ctrl + c 3. copy the cf_html formatted data from the clip board to my app. 4. options to view as html or text. I am not looking for

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    7 ofertas
    Skills Database Encerrado left

    ...their technical skills into a "resume" maker(excel). The employees will enter their data in a preprepared excel such as Title, Name, years of experience, Education, Computer Skills, languages and technical skills. The all data are are input via text box entry, whilst the technical skills are using some form of macro; which i find it

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    15 ofertas

    I have a text file that contains 13,693 URLs in this format: <http://domainname/directoryname/[login to view URL]> where everything is static except for the 99999. Each URL brings up a web page with information, including a name, address, phone number and fax number. There's other information on the page but that's the only information

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
    0 ofertas

    ...Candidates send him resumes in various formats (e.g. plain text, hardcopy, email, Word etc). He then extracts the data he wants from the CVs and saves them in his own resume template in Microsoft Word (see attached for general layout). I want to know the best way to extract this data into a database (preferably MySQL but Access will do). However

    $30 - $100
    $30 - $100
    0 ofertas

    ...will be limited initially to one city (i.e. metropolitan area) which is Houston, Texas. The code should be primarily html and php. A mySQL database will be used for the data. The code may also include a limited amount of css and javascript coding. A very limited amount of cgi can be used, but should be identified at the time bids are placed.

    $837 (Avg Bid)
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    12 ofertas
    OnLine Fax 1.1 Encerrado left

    ...program in Visual Basic 6.0 that will read records from 2 text files, display on screen and allow user to edit, save and exit. Part II Modify an existing program in Visual Basic 6.0. Modify 3 screens and change output written to text file. Add OLE-DB or ODBC connectivity to external data files for contact lookup and selection and field validation

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    17 ofertas
    ing. Machine Encerrado left

    ing. Machine Creation of site which Offer industrial machines for sale! Machine pictures and data uploads by different users (company or private person). With pictures saved to directory! Listings of objects with text and/or pictures! Please no use of frames. E-mail comunications save to dbase! No special specification on this project,

    $17 (Avg Bid)
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    1 ofertas appropiate. Specify the property to bind '(Text), the DataSet, and the path to the data field. Add the binding to the control instance's 'DataBindings collection. pbndTemp = New Binding("Text", DsParts1, "[login to view URL]") [login to view URL](pbndTemp) 'Exp1 in database pbndTemp = New Binding("Text", DsParts1, ...

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    9 ofertas

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