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    ...“Smart” Fine-positioning Arm (SFA) that will be mounted to Astrobee and move an attached tool to a specific location and command that tool to attach to an ISS Handrail. The SFA receives all power and high-level commands from Astrobee, but implements the following functions autonomously: stowing and deploying from a payload volume, positioning its free end

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    Uses: Google Cloud Platform Ubuntu 18.04 SSH PostgreSQL Postfix

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    ...addresses, referrers, times, campaigns, etc. - Complete management of traffic logs and ability to clear traffic logs individually or as a whole - It should not lag when it receives few thousand hits - Ability to stuff auctions - Ability to stuff multiple affiliate links - Good logging system, date, time, stuff/didnt stuff, reason why it didnt stuff

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    Electric Encounters is a television show concept that has created a high level of interest from many areas, including A-List music stars and bands. We are looking at enhancing our logo now and are looking for ideas. Design a logo, the winner gets $25 and a chance for significant levels of future ongoing design work. So far the logos are good but more business than television show. The TV Logo&#...

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    Visual studio 2017. Help me thru TeamViewer to create a message back to the DeviceId when a message is received in a functionApp. FunctionApp is up and running (local in VS) but I cant get messages back to the DeviceId.

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    Hei Ritesh Ashokbhai S., I have a project that is a Dynamics App Step 1 Workflow list view that receives emails office365, right side open and delete button. Once opened, create ticket, prio and allocate to user or group

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    Attached...Address, Website, Google Review Link, Facebook Link. Then gets saved on device. - The information entered above can always be edited in the settings page. - When someone receives text or email they should have option to share on their social media its a simple app used to generate image, and send email/text. Need it completed in a week.

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    write a program that receives input data about three projects (the outcome and the probability of the outcome) and calculate the EMV for each project , my budget is 10$

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    ...which are indicated by a ringtone and the admin has the opportunity with several buttons to select an action. Such as. 15min, 30min, 45min, 55min so that the customer then receives the notification that his food in about 55 minutes is with him (this is just one example). The ringtone should not stop until man has selected a button. The admin should still

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    Need to develop an app that receives info from Bluetooth Scanner and stores the info in a spreadsheet

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    A phone receives either direct calls, or diverted calls from different mobile or landline numbers. This Proof of Concept app logs incoming calls with the full available caller information app including if a call was diverted, which number it was diverted from and the number of the caller. This Proof of Concept app will then be installed on android

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    ...your AdSense homepage. Place the code on the URL that you provided when you created your AdSense account. Make sure that you place the code on a page that has content and receives regular visitors. We've found that in most cases when a publisher waits a long time to be activated, it's because they haven't placed the code on a page that gets regular

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    The project is fairly straightforward. We are looking to create a VoIP calling/texting app similar to this one (with a different twist + new features): http://[login to view URL] QUESTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS TO BE CONSIDERED (PLEASE READ): -Please download the app listed above to take a look and give us an idea that you understand the scope -Please

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    ...note and put the status shipped with tracking On each order that is expected to be shipped, the shipping cost will be sent to the agents through paypal or Stripe, the vendor receives the total cost of the product sold without any commission Vendors can not decide or change shipping costs, which will be associated with each category to simplify management

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    1 ofertas Android App. This app will read off a google firebase containing a list of phone numbers. Any number that has the app installed will receive a warning message when it receives a call or sms from the number. So in effect, this is a mass blacklister for a group of people (200 people who need not know each other). Spanish Speakers preferred.

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    Need an application developed that takes video data from a pair of web-cams to roughly triangulate the speed & trajectory of a distinctly colored ball through the pair of camera FOVs, this portion can be developed using freely-available codebases from OpenCV with only a few modifications. The main job would be having the speed & trajectory data feed into an android application for further ...

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    Mailchimp Expert Encerrado left

    ...settings that allow a client to reply to the person who sent the message. Our CRM sends data automatically to Mailchimp and starts the existing campaigns based on the data it receives. Our CRM also sends data relative to who sent the message, so if the email has the right tags, it will display the senders, name, title, phone, email, etc in the body of the

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    ...history (see screenshot) the attachments should not be stored on server - when order status is changed to status1 -> cudtomer receives order info1 (custom text), when order status is changed to status2 -> customer receives order info2 in email There is already an upload vqmod from opencart store, you just have to modify it to my store (see attachment)

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    Hello, Right now, by default, the site admin receives an email notification when a new user joins the site. I am looking to add a function to the wordpress plugin "Ultimate Member" that would send a notification to the site admin when a user makes a change to their profile information (changes their email address). I believe that the method to do

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    Project for Ahmad A. Encerrado left

    * I have a ...will be the same Zoho CRM database as the one you already worked with. * I have 2 emails (Angies List & Homeadvisor) that get processed through So, Mailparser receives emails from Angies and Homeadvisor. Currently, Mailparser sends them to a Google spreadsheet. I want them to go from the [login to view URL] account into Zoho.

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    ...can be paid using cash on delivery. This way I will vet out fake orders. The order completion page must show the fee paid by the customer & the balance he has to pay when he receives the product. 3.I also need you to optimize the site for more speed. Option 1 & 2 Must be available only for India as I don't offer cash on delivery for other countries

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    Hello, we need a web developer to work on a e-visitation web app. the users requests via a form an entrance to an area and pays...requests via a form an entrance to an area and pays the fee and the system sends the request to the person than can validate it, and once done the person asking for entrance receives it's access rights via mail. thanks

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    I need a platform that receives and confirms payments by bitcoin and sends bulk payments of bitcoin to different portfolios (from a database), using account in the blockchain.

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    2D Simple Animation Encerrado left you find in the attachement. [login to view URL] teacher teaches a class with old technolgies at the light room projector, the children seem rather disinterested [login to view URL] teacher receives a book called "LP21" [login to view URL] teacher is desperately looking for books on technology and computer science in a bookshelf. He does not find a suitable book ...

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    Write some software Encerrado left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows . Sip gateway in pjsip that receives call from my itel softswitch and forwards to viber desktop.

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    $475 M\u00e9dia
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    Have an existing spreadsheet that receives a number of manually entered inputs (and some call outs e.g. calculate mileage) that produces a quote for rental of certain stock and has two document outputs. 1) Booking form/Invoice for client 2) Internal document detailing information about the booking. Sheet currently only works on MS Excel PC but needs

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    ...Deadline: Monday 20:00. Please tell me if you are going to implement and what cost. You need to create (implement) servlet technology using the servlet called Cone. Servlet receives as Input three parameters named ra, ra and h, which are passed in the request (url). Parameters (accepting the actual value) determine the radius of the base, the height

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    ...that receives data from a basketball panel, parses it and writes it into 2 XML files per panel, one only with the last action, the other one with the full event history Setup (already tested): RS-232/RS-422 interface from panel is sending information towards an IOT device (DTU-H100 in our case) that converts the RS-xxx messages into HTTP POST request

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    $175 M\u00e9dia
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    If you please try to visit new bury smiles [dot] c o m (With no space) You MIGHT see a file is starting to download on chrome. We need to solve this. On Google Search Console, I see a lot of irrelevant traffic coming from investment companies. We need to solve this also in [login to view URL] or somewhere you know. The platform is joomla. Hosting is cPanel Powered I will check your answ...

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    ...performance-driven environment. If you earn a position with our company, you will receive world-class training and support in your new career. Our ADT Residential Sales Team Receives: -Training -Weekly Pay -Top Commissions -Monthly Bonuses & Incentives -Leads Provided -Quick Promotions for Top Performers -Work from the comfort of your

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    ...internet usage except for allowed applications or websites so our data is not wasted for useless stuff 4- the app will record the orders received by the employee (eg. he receives a call from customer X1 and this customer is already in his contacts list, he'll choose "Make a Delivery" and automatically this customer will be put on his "current day deliveries"

    $453 (Avg Bid)
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    build new site Encerrado left

    ...employee well-being The page consists of 3 rights User = Staff entry Admin = boss entrance Super admin = My login All login login with a username and password. All login receives an activator code on email as they must change to their own personal password the first time they log in employee votes every week user: staff have these rights:

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    ...updates remaining energy Ern(0) 12: /∗ Steady Phase: ∗/ 13: for each frame 1 ≤ i ≤ NF do 14: Each non-CH node transmits a packet if Ern(i ) ≥ ECHn ; 15: Each CH node receives packets from its non-CH members, aggregates them into one packet, and forwards it to the sink if Erm(i ) ≥ECHm ; 16: Each node harvests energy and each non-CH nodes reserves

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    ...buyer can tell item was shipped. - If vendor CANCELS status change, the buyer receives a refund to their REFUND BTC ADDRESS. This is a rare event. MSig will require 2 signatures to drive the refund payment tx. This must be as easy as possible. - Once buyer receives product they mark order as RECEIVED and this causes the market admins msig signing

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    ...package is received and the travel is completed; b) the recipient shall deliver the package to the messenger and request a confirmation number for the delivery, when the client receives it the travel is completed. 
For each city 
 . a) Client’s registration 
 . b) Messenger ́s registration 
 . c) Rates chart, commissions and taxes 
 Reports • Per

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    $760 M\u00e9dia
    39 ofertas and iOS, the Customer Select the Product(s), Added to the Basket, Going to Checkout, pay with (visa/master) or Cash On Delivery, And then the (adminDriver) receives the Order, he accept the order, he pick it up from the warehouse and go the customer, the customer get notified that the driver on his way, the customer an see the Driver

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    Build a mobile app Encerrado left

    An app (both for IOS and Android) is required with the following functionality: - It periodically (every XX seconds) sends a query to a web service and receives a response. - The response is an integer. Based on the integer received, the app displays a "status", and chimes/vibrates (customizeable in settings) when the integer changes from the previous

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    I have a multilanguage site with some checkout forms (18 in total). These forms are submitted to DB. After user has submitted he receives a mail two weeks after submission and needs to fill out another form. 1) you need to setup a mail server including DB that has multilanguage capabilities, that sends a mail to user in users language after two

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    $5 / hr M\u00e9dia
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    shopping cart expert Encerrado left

    This section in this new site: http://[login to view URL] needs to have the products re-implemented into a functional cart system. The system works a bit now, but the backend database and [login to view URL] file were wiped out by an upset developer. In the end the client receives a formatted PDF with the product info and quantities and who is ordering

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    ...server (post /uploadSVGFile) 4. /uploadSVGFile returns a list of vertexes 5. /uploadSVGFile callback receives list of vertices and uses ExtrudeShapeCustom to create the extruded mesh.   Implementation Suggestions:  npm module that can convert SVG to vertices ([login to view URL]) (This module includes example .svg files too)

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    ...iisexpress, so there is no need to create a cloud-based infrastructure. To test the web service, you will create a small html/javascript example that uploads the file. Since the files can be quite large, your code must send the file in small chunks and show a progress bar. The web service will return a 2xx success (like 201) or a 4xx failure (like 401)

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    When a seller receives an offer from a potential buyer, they should receive a notification that they have an offer on the particular item and then they can click to see the offer. Then the options should accept offer, reject the offer, and possibly counter the offer. If they choose to counter, then they will need an area to enter the amount they are

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    6 routines written for the Android, which sends and receives information to and from a windows program written in Delphi, using simple sockets.

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    $160 M\u00e9dia
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    Find an Accountant Encerrado left

    ...also receives $20,000 fully franked dividends. Jane has a $20,000 HELP debt. Jane received $79,000 (gross income) from employment at Company Pty Ltd for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. The correct amount of PAYG has been withheld. Jane reports interest income of $475. Jane advises of investment expenses of $250. Jane receives rental

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    Requirements- 1) write a web service in c# that receives data from android application 2) store that data in ms sql server database (small info, not a big database) Note- do not use SOAP, you can use JSON

    $39 (Avg Bid)
    $39 M\u00e9dia
    23 ofertas Xamarin native android project when the app receives the push notification. If you can do this task, then please bid on this project. Currently, the firebase cloud messaging(FCM) is using for the push notification, but I can't display the badge count icon when app is background or inactive and receives the push notification. You maybe use the FCM or

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    Technologies Server: .NET Framework 4.5.1 and MySQL Client: Ionic 2 w/ Angular Cli...cation service of OAuth2, let the SQL command to a MySQL DB be in the comments and make the service accept any user-pass combination instead. - "testserver" service that receives a string and returns the system time as a string (obtained from the machine's clock).

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    $224 M\u00e9dia
    14 ofertas

    We need to create an app which simply displays a digital clock full screen. The time which is shown on the clock is dependent on a value which the app receives over a serial/USB connection: Expected serial values: Decrease hour value by 1 = "hp1" Increase hour value by 1 = "hm1" Increase minute value by 1 = "mp1" Decrease minute value by 1

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    $251 M\u00e9dia
    20 ofertas a kid) speech bubble from the phone says we will deliver it to you NOW Split screen shows receptionist answer at a desk in the company’s headquarters “control room” receives the order and... be continued with the winning bidder! *Note! Winning bidder must sign off on full rights to all artwork produced* happy bidding ! :)

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    $152 M\u00e9dia
    47 ofertas The workflow is as follow: Clients are in C#. It sends player action to the server. there are three: left - right - jump Server uses the MEAN stack + web sockets. Receives the information, calculate new player positions and send it back to clients. The server and client logics are 90% done but I couldn't manage to implement the movement part

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    $250 M\u00e9dia
    23 ofertas