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    Olá, tenho um formulário da Google, porém quero melhorar o visual dele seguindo os padrões de experiência do Space10. Tenho o formulário: Tenho o Site para converter o formulário em HTML(só colocar o link): Tenho o código dos dois modelos de como quero que ele fique: Ele não pode perder a lógica do Google Form e também gostaria que chegasse pra mim com disponibilidade para fazer alterações visuais do CSS conforme precisar. Essa é a referência que tenho para o meu projeto:

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    Trabalho no segmento de fotografia de pessoas, principalmente com casamentos. Uma de nossas tarefas mais rotineiras e morosa é o preenchimento de contratos. Normalmente nossos contratos são padrão, acrescentando apenas as informações do cliente (conseguimos essas informações utilizando um formulário do Typeform). Gostaria de criar uma automação (seja word, pdf ou afim) que preencha de forma automatica (ou com a menor intervenção possivel) os dados do cliente no contrato.

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    Muito obrigado pelo interesse no meu projeto. Gostaria de criar um site parecido com um modelo já existente. Basicamente com uma página inicial (integrando com redes sociais) e uma página de cadastro (integrando com o typeform). OBS: prioritariamente desenvolvedores BRASILEIROS.

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    Obrigado pelo interesse no meu projeto. Gostaria de criar um website com uma página de cadastro integrada ao Typeform. Tarefas necessárias: - Desenvolver arte/ identidade visual; - Desenvolver a programação na linguagem mais adequada; - Integrar com o Typeform; Observação: - Preferência para brasileiros;

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    Maquetar un proceso de compra consistente en 3 páginas<br />Contenido de las 3 páginas:<br />- Landing<br />- Formulario con 6 pasos en scroll (tipo typeform)<br />- página de compra<br />- diseño responsive<br />Subministramos el diseño en .psd<br />La maquetación corre prisa, lo necesitamos ASAP, 1 semana o menos<br /> 

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    Hello, I created a typeform on Now I want to embed this typeform on my website. Here you can see it: You can see there is some white space at the top and the bottom. Also on the phone version, the start button is to much down: So there are two problems I need to get fixed. Thank you. This is the code I use for embeding:   <style>*{margin:0;padding:0;} html,body,#wrapper{width:100%;height:100%;} iframe{border-radius:0 !important;}</style>   <div id="wrapper" data-tf-widget="Z2GJi1CQ" data-tf-inline-on-mobile="" data-tf-medium="snippet"></div> <script src="//"></script>

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    We are looking for developer to manually connect Typeform to our Zendesk in order to work similarly to Zapier. What we need to happen is every time someone submits a specific Form on our Typeform it needs to update the corresponding ticket with the information submitted by the customer. We would need some of the info submitted to be updated on an excel spreadsheet. Please get back to us so we can discuss this further.

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    Turn Gravity Form into Modern Layout form more than the Type form i have a WordPress website : i want to turn gravity form into the sample bellow click on " Get My Custom Rate Quote Rate Now!" at bottom Thank you

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    Turn Gravity Form into Modern Layout form more than the Type form sample form : click on button Get My Custom Rate Quote Rate Now! please include similar work Thank you

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    ...regard to 3rd party platform integrations, developer is expected to know how to be effective with TypeForm webhook configuration, Google Sheets API, and the mechanics of how script deployment works on the Plotly platform. Current state: Consists of three main web services from separate vendors (TypeForm, Google Sheets, and Plotly). TypeForm is being used as a UI for input by users which sends responses to a Google Sheet in real time, Google Sheets being used as a persistent data store from which Python/Pyspark code needs to read, and Plotly is being used to render an interactive Map component for the end user (its plots are based on output of the Python/Pyspark code). Desired State: TypeForm Service will simultaneously issue POST requests to Google Sheets...

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    Bonjour, J'utilise Mailchimp depuis un mois, et je souhaiterais le paramétrer parfaitement afin de tracer parfaitement les contacts entrants (web, meta, typeform, crisp, acuity scheduling) et gérer tout avec des dashboards. Merci pour votre aide. --- Hello, I have been using Mailchimp for a month, and I would like to configure it perfectly in order to perfectly track incoming contacts (web, meta, typeform, crisp, acuity scheduling) and manage everything with dashboards. Thanks for your help.

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    I have built a survey in Typeform that seems to involve too many logic steps for the system to cope with and I have received the warning that the "Logic map is not available! too many logic rules to visualise" I want to be able to complete the form in the left-hand panel as I don't need to actually visualise the logic map, but it won't let me. I don't think I can split the Typeform so I need someone to come up what a work around

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    Python programming Encerrado left

    I have created a 140-question survey in Typeform. The answer to each question is either Yes or No. If the response is not the anticipated answer, then that question needs to go into a Microsoft Word report to the client. I have written all of the narrative language for each question to go into the report. I need the programmer to write code to select the correct narrative for each response that is not the anticipated answer to go into the report. The repost needs to be in Microsoft Word. I also need the code to be editable as changes are made to the survey later on. Would like to speak with US based developers

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    ...io Footer: Remove Youtube, add linkedin and pinterest Footer: Quick links will remain the same. We will add Corporate catering and Office Pantry and submenus that will be created from Super admin custom page creation. Image, text and button sections will be dynamic and will be managed through super admin Header will have a Get a quote button (same as the shopify site) and this page will have Typeform, html code will be provided. General Careers pages will be the same as in template (we will be able to manage it from backend) Contact pages will be the same as in template (we will be able to manage it from backend) Submit restaurant page will be the same as in the template and we will remove the pricing section and add a text section there. (we will be able to manage it from...

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    Hi, I would like to create a typeform for the worldcup to ask my friends who is going to win ! So first to propose to choose the winner and the Runner up in a group of 4 team. And after to ask them who is going to win between the runner of group A and runnr up of group B, ... etc. So, it's necessary to be good in variable in Typeform.

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    We are currently looking for freelancers (especially in Indonesia), to help us create a website for our social platform. The website is only for information and sign up purposes. We will include relevant post/articles and link (by using Typeform) in the website. We also have owned a domain for the website, and created the draft version by using Typedream, so hopefully it could help to ease the process of the website development

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    I'm looking for someone to help with passing through URL parameter to hidden field in typeform from clickfunnels. Willing to pay very well to get this project done ASAP We have a funnel where someone gives us their phone and email then is redirected to an external link where a typeform is hosted When someone opts in, clickfunnels generates a unique conact id for them. We want to pass through that contact id to the external link where the typeform is hosted in the form of a URL parameter then have that contact id get passed through to a hidden field in the typeform That way we can track the typeform responses in our system back to the person who entered them This should be a quick and easy project for someone who knows what they're doing. Wi...

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    We are looking for a Typeform admin to build out pages using builder.io. The pages need to look like this example below: There is no coding involved in the process: - Apply a background and border colors to the page (based on the ones provided) - Fill out the Dr. Name and ID - Mark which features they want (reviews, photos, special offers, video, store link, texting, and email options) - Adding up to 5 reviews - Adding up to 5 Before and After Photos - Adding an image and link to a store link - Uploading a video - Updating the phone, text and email for contact options - Adding up to 3 special offers - Adding typeform variables - Update surveys in Typeform to reflect information we receive from our providers - Update pages with current and new information

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    ...Hello, we are a small natural health business that is looking for an automation specialist. We need to create automation between Typeform, Zensesk, and google sheets using API. We need to create an automation that will generate the customer’s answers from the Typeform using API to set all the information inside the Zendesk platform. We also need to create some auto scenarios for pulling information from google sheet tables and set the data inside Zendesk. The project will start with a few hours, and after the first task, we will give you more new briefs and working hours. We need someone that is familiar with Zendesk API, Integromat, Google Sheets, and Typeform. PLEASE NOTICE ***Before we hire you for the project, we would like to receive 2 video recor...

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    I have 1 typeform link URL1 (which everybody can use) I want to generate my own expiring link URL2, that will redirect to URL1 I should be able to generate multiple URL2 to different typeform links

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    TYPEFORM FORMULARIO Encerrado left

    Necesito incrustar en una publicación en Canva, un formulario para responder una de dos preguntas, lo hice con typeform pero me quedó chiquitico y no se como ampliarlo, y que cuando vayan respondiendo vaya mostrando el porcentaje de respuestas.

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    Looking for a Freelancer that can offer Typeform training via Zoom or alike on in progress forms. I have 3 live forms and one draft form as follows; 1 x Investor expression of interest form - 1 x App pre registration form - 1 x Consumer survey form - 1 x Test form - Draft Between them all I know I need training on the following; 1) Ensuring they are all setup to compile responses in a CRM (spreadsheet) 2) Consumer survey is setup to send out a PDF of individual answer results by email and collate all participant results in the same PDF 3) I need to setup alternative PDF outputs depending on the consumer survey results 4) Ensure all

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    Typeform Tags Encerrado left

    Tags are created / quiz is created. Need someone who is expert in Typeform to set the logic / parameters around the quiz so that each persons responses are recorded in the Google Doc form OR in the Klaviyo database

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    Necesitamos automatizar un proceso de diagnóstico, el cual hoy se hace manualmente. Este proceso incluye: - Cargar participantes - Generar diagnósticos ( individuales o grupales) - enviar diagnóstico - revisar estado de avance y hacer recordatorios a participantes - procesar data y crear reporte - repetir...automatizar un proceso de diagnóstico, el cual hoy se hace manualmente. Este proceso incluye: - Cargar participantes - Generar diagnósticos ( individuales o grupales) - enviar diagnóstico - revisar estado de avance y hacer recordatorios a participantes - procesar data y crear reporte - repetir el proceso para un retest ( 2 -3 meses más tarde) Hoy se utiliza google workspace en conjunto con Typeform para lograr estos objetivos...

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    We are looking for a graphic designer to create a layout, design, and interactive Typeform Survey () using the questions we have provided here. Please OPEN THE ATTACHMENT before accepting/submitting. When you submit provide a graphic layout sample using the attachment.

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    We are looking for a Typeform expert to help us out with our Typeform projects. Remote role Experience is a must - be prepared to show sample projects We need to re-design this form 4 times in 4 different ways:

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    I am a solo salon owner looking to automate as many small day-to-day tasks as I can. I primarily want to have a client submit an inquiry form via Typeform, and upon completion, a contract is drawn up using information input to the Typeform. I have both the form and the contract completed, I am having trouble getting them to communicate with each other.

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    Hey there, I’m looking to conduct a quick user interview possibly around about 20 to 30 minutes through chat platform (Slack) to get to test the hypothesis of the product I’m working on. I’m wondering if any of you willing to help me to do that? We’re looking for someone who has used platform such as Typeform, Canva or google form to create a campaign for your self or the client you’ve worked for. Would be wonderful if you’re able to fill in these screening question to determine if we’re in the same page. Please add your name or alias in the form :) Looking forward to work with you!

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    Wix Website fix Encerrado left

    Hi, I am looking for somebody to attempt to fix the typeform form integrated into wix website so it is mobile friendly if possible as form is too big for mobile and making it very hard to complete using the scroll?

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    I need to edit and refine my online LMS. It is built in Mighty Networks, and features Typeform quizzes. I need everything automated and to flow easily. My last instructional design person got sick and I need to finish the job. We work all online, and this project should not take more than 10 hours.

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    Hello, I have a Facebook Ad(Type Employment) running for a few months and it is also bringing results. The Fb Ad directs to the page on our website, which has embedded Typeform-form. Until now there is no pixel setup. I got to know that with the help of pixel, I can create a look-alike audience which I can target. As I am about to start a second Campaign thought of consulting about the following points: 1) Whether to set up a pixel with a website landing page or Typeform? 2) How to know which users have actually submitted the form? 3) How to create and integrate a pixel? If you have experience with this, we can use this work as a pilot for a long-running co-operation. Best Regards Prasad Chaudhari

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    We need to create a client facing data entry portal to assist with property search data. We would like to also have a master document that collects all of this data in one place. It would be great to also integrate external software such as typeform to create simplicity for those that don't want to enter data directly into the sheet.

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    We have developed a Typeform survey however need some expert assistance creating branching and logic. The questions and layout have all been established in Typeform. We have four audiences/targets for this survey with common questions and then questions unique to each target. This may be a quick job and an easy fix however we are looking for expertise to help us solve the branching and logic and to ensure we are doing it the most efficiently.

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    I have a website for my business that contains an embedded form (Typeform). Typeform has Google Tag Manager integration available. I would like to run Google advertisements and track Clicks + Completions of the embedded Typeform. I need help setting up Conversion Metric & Google Tag.

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    I need someone to help creating a brand tracker survey on Typeform - the survey is written, just need someone with experience using this platform and various logic functions to bring to life. Must be experienced using Typeform and able to show link to surveys previously built. Survey questions with question type and logic notes attached.

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    Beginners Online course creation - Beginners Guide to Becoming a Home Herbalist 30-day challenge where YOU provide the scripted/structured challenge via pdf or typeform. I will make videos to suit it as i have all the necessary herbs, equipment and more. I have an app platform I can put this course. The course will be mine to own outright once completed

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    Webapp Development Encerrado left

    Website development with 1) Search Engine Optimisation 2) Integration with Google Analytics 3) Integration with CRM's 4) Storing the registration information into Backend 5) Integration with Typeform/external form generators

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    I would like for a client to create a specific Jotform or Typeform. The idea is before submitting a form than the person can check what he did and can select with checkboxs to create an estimate. Do you think it is possible?

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    ...rendering, and will instead throw a 404, even though the JSON file is there. Examples: https://www

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    Important: We need you to have experience using HUBSPOT as a Website Builder because that is the Website Builder we use. If you have never used it, please DO NOT MAKE CONTACT. Thank you. (NOT WORDPRESS) Hello, We need to track the following points using GA4 and Google Ads. We use: - HubSpot as Website Builder (CMS for our Website) (NOT WORDPRESS) - TypeForm for contact form and lead generation for the site Goals: 1. Track from which specific Google Ads campaign a lead comes. Extra info: We have 15 campaigns right now active per country. 2. Track from which specific Google Ad campaign a successful purchase comes. 3. We want to install the Conversation Tracking code correctly on the HubSpot Website we have. Thank you! Important: We need you to have experience using HUB...

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    Build me a website Encerrado left

    Hi There, I am a certified Nutrition Coach and now it's time to have a website which can further help me to expand my services. These are the few poin...navigate with a clear set of instructions provided on each step. 2. The site should load fast and the texts should be clear enough. 3. Should be able to have a clear sales funnel. 4. Keep it subtle yet impressive, am talking about the colour palette. 6. Clients should be able to book an appointment thru Calendly etc 7. There should be a link to a questionnaire before the 1st call is scheduled, a Typeform maybe. 8. Types of Services offered should be clearly mentioned with pricing. 9. Blog/articles/newsletter (which I am yet to have) 10. Payment gateway 11. About me 12. CTA. 13. Calculators ( BMI, Weight, Calories) 14. Whatsap...

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    Design and Develop a flutter app with following requirements- 1. Registration -- typeform style 2. Explorer Screen -- Contains card with items - images, texts, audio, video and pdf with button (Left/Right Swipe feature on explorer screen) 3. My space -- shows the cards , that user liked by swiping right

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    I need an app or maybe something in retool to grade an application for a competition. We will recieve the application via Typeform and will save it in Google Sheets. We need a tool to then grade the application in different categories from 1-10 points. See example screenshots. - List of all applications - possibility to call up individual DS and rate them according to rating scheme (no insight into rating of other raters) -Consolidation of the evaluation (2-4) in Admin view -Ejection of the results in Excel per evaluation one line: 1 column name, evaluator, from then the awarded points per evaluation point. -Reset possibility for use also in the next year

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    build me a react app Encerrado left

    Looking to embed TypeForm Survey in a page & on submit, store the result in MongoDB & do a score calculation & display that to a user in a histogram chart. Want this built using a React/NextJS app. Also add some confetti animation when user completes the survey.

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    Create a Flutter App Encerrado left

    Design a flutter app with following requirements- 1. Registration -- typeform style 2. Explorer Screen -- Contains card with items - images, texts and button 3. Left/Right Swipe feature on explorer screen

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    here is the documentation - And this is the form whi The NFT- only has to have the description and image of the logo and the title is the name of adress Please, apply if you are ready to start rigth away

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    I would like to create a beautiful wordpress web application with a typeform similar to this: It should have the following pages: 1. a landing page, 2. input page where the user can select a territory/ country 3. summary for the country, which is the first 3 columns of the attached spreadsheet (with the option to choose additional details) 4. detailed page for the country which is the last 4 columns. Please show me how to enhance and maintain the wordpress site in future. Thanks

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    We are an agency based in Mumbai and prefer Indian Freelancers / Freelancers with similar timezone. We have multiple projects which are based on web technologies like HTML, CSS, Zapie...with similar timezone. We have multiple projects which are based on web technologies like HTML, CSS, Zapier, Typeforms, etc We are looking for freelancers who could work with us on a long-term task-by-task basis. The tasks are usually simple and you could also reach out to our team in case you have any difficulties with any task. Experience with HTML, CSS, JS is a must, and experience with Typeform, glide would be an added bonus. This would be a long-term engagement with the opportunity for a full-time role in the near future based on performance and aptitude. Looking to meet you guys! Regar...

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    I need a website designing for my courier business "Yogistics". We are a multi-drop courier agency/service that h...companies and take on more drivers. We need a website that has 2 focus points: 1. For Businesses/Consumers - This will allow customer to obtain a quote on our website. We also want a page for businesses, welcoming them to use us to fulfil their delivery services. 2. For Couriers - We want to welcome couriers to sign up with us all through the website. We currently have an application form via typeform that we want integrating into the website. Examples • • (same company as above, but this is their courier recruitment focus) • • We need it developing too!

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    Looking for a developer who can assist optimising an embedded Typeform quiz integration on a Wix website, starting with: - optimising 'quiz ending redirect' button for desktop/mobile - setting up accurate UTM parameters for both quiz submission event/goal conversion and also sales conversion • Experience in Wix and Typeform preferred • Problem solver with initiative • Scope for future work for the right person. Please share a bit about yourself and your experience

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